Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Two events of national significance ......

When Willie Apiata was invested with his Victoria Cross at Government House in 2007 the control freak Labour Prime Minister declined to invite the Leader of the Opposition or any members of his shadow cabinet to witness the occasion.

In Christchurch today John Key was quite happy to have Phil Goff and members of his shadow cabinet stand beside him. For the PM standing together was preferable to using the occasion to score cheap political advantage.

I certainly know which style of leadership I prefer.


Anonymous said...

To be fair Key has you guys to take cheap shots for him for free (eg. this post), so why would he bother?

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

That was because Labour are peace loving and would be embarrassed to be seen by their peers handing out medals for shooting and blowing up stuff. Oh the humanity - endorse courage even tho it chokes you to do so or lose the photo op. These are choices no one on the left should have to make.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Judge ... cheap shot? Just who said 'no way'?

Your 'balanced' comment suggests to me you have a chip on both shoulders not to mention a certain affinity for double standards.

Must be a labour supporter ... right?

Simon said...

Yes, Citizen Clarke was malignant, petty, vindictive, and jealous. Deeply insecure, in other words.

Gaddafi also claims that he is a mere private citizen.

Anonymous said...

A VC (Victoria Cross) award ceremony is EXACTLY the equivalent of two minutes silence for 155+ earthquake victims?

With logic like that, no wonder so many Vietnamese civilians were killed by you guys. I mean, a VC (Viet Cong) was obviously EXACTLY the same as that other Vietnamese over there...

The Veteran said...

Anon 9.06 ... if you are so dumb as to not to be able to see the point I was making then I guess there is nothing I can say that will make a difference.

The Veteran said...

and further Anon 9.06 .... do you really feel embarrased displaying your ignorance for all to see?

It was really quite easy to work out who was VC and who was a genuine civilian. The VC mostly wore uniforms, carried webbing and weapons and tended to shoot at us .... real rocket science stuff to determine the good from the bad.

But please feel free to continue to parade your prejudices and your lies because its all water off a ducks back to me.

shotover said...

With you veteran. The VC were the ones with the AK47's, RPG's and mines.

Anon 9.06 seems to have difficulty understanding the meaning of your post. I would suggest he reads it slowly (probably not difficult for him) think about it and then breathe through nose before opening his somewhat stupid m0outh (or typing paw).

Murray said...

If Hulen was so peace loving why did she put more kiwis in combat since WWII than any other PM?

"Anonymous" we look forward to your answer, try not to make it worn hippie placard from the 60's this time. mind you bbeing a worn out hippie from the 60's we wont expect too much from you.

There was a real shortage of has been wannabe slogan chanters with no independant thought who got their political beleiefs from a pamphlet while stonned... but thank goodness you're here to fill the void.

"Must be a labour supporter ... right?"

That would be left Vet. Waaaaay left.