Monday, March 21, 2011


Just watched the video of the Aussie kid dealing to a bully.
The PC brigrade can crap on all they like but this kid finally dealt to the problem in the best possible way.
The bully learns a lesson in consequences that no soft approach can ever give.
And the kid learns that standing up and believing in yourself is what life is really about.

The world is full of bullies, from mongrels like Mugabe and Gaddafi down to kids at schools.
Human nature dictates that there is only one effective solution.


PM of NZ said...

I see 52% of those answering granny's poll on bullying suggest a similar response by the victim. Stuff telling the teachers, punch the living snot out of the bully.

Not PC, but remains the only effective method.

Anonymous said...

On kiwiblog the usual pink shirted X bullies said the fat boy over reacted, should be charged da de da, but in the real word The big boy did GOOD,
PS the slammed bullies mum looked feral

Anonymous said...

An open and shut case of self defense, with the entire episode caught on camera. The provocation and first assault was from the 12y/o.
No court n their right mind will convict this 16yo.
The pink shirted ones probably want to paedo both kids, and just see the whole lack of retaliation as a softening up process, to make the kids more compliant

Anonymous said...

What is this 'over-reacted' business? If you attack someone without provocation, be prepared to accept whatever is handed back to you. Simple.

Mrs Danvers