Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anatomy Lessons Needed

Most Australian Greens can't tell the difference between their arses and their elbows.

Their leader, Bob Brown, can't tell the difference between the prime ministerial arse and its shoulders.
Senator Brown said he knew Ms Gillard had “broad shoulders”, but in his experience, such insults could be deeply hurtful.

The evidence?


Anonymous said...
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DenMT said...

Hur hur hur.

Done yet?


Ackers said...

Nice to see how tone deaf Abbott is on this one. I seriously do not think appearing at this rally with the likes of Pauline and Angry Anderson plus the piss weak misogynist sexist signage is going to do anything but propel him further down the polling ladder.

If this weeks Newspoll wasn't a wake up call the poor sod is beyond help.

Anonymous said...

John Clarke answers the hard questions about the Climate Price