Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winston Peters

I watched 3 news tonight, not by choice but after a full on day outside the remote was too far for my enfeebled arms to reach.
Anyway, the usual poll results;
The country loves Key and does not know who Phil Goff is but they do remember the beast.
Peters apparently is polling in the low three's and when asked for comment was filmed on camera spouting the usual shite.
Namely his private polling totaling 10,000 has him on over 9%.
I do not believe him.
You know election year is on when the pie eater Garner starts talking labour with them being in touch of an impossible victory with the support of the Greens, Maori and Winston Peters. Bullshit from Garner as usual although he does look like he may have broken the habit of a lifetime and walked straight past the pie shop a couple of times this summer.


CB said...

The left will be shitting themselves. Asset sales, new limos, picking on bennies and Goofy still poll within the margin of error.

Maybe JK could possibly get away with eating babies.

dad4justice said...

"The country loves Key"

Like fuck I do, as Johnny got lots of new BMW motors. No wonder we borrow $300 million a week. Good luck to Winston in joining weak -wimpish socailst gummint suck club. Fuck New Zealanders - when will you wake up to these greedy - mongrel pricks?!

Anonymous said...

That poll shows how ill informed people are.

Key has to get rid of Chris Findlayson. Chris would be the most dangerous, delusional and devious double dealing man in NZ at this point.

Anonymous said...

We do not all love Key. Many of us loathe the sell-out, traitorous, weak-as-water lemon. Socialist pricks, for sure.