Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I Don't Buy Newspapers

Here's the headline:-

Here's the first line of the story:-

Backers of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak have opened fire on protesters, killing four.

See if you can pick the subtle nuance in the headline writer's interpretation of the story.

Well done Fairfax. Stick to analyzing the minutiae of DHB executive expense vouchers.


Anonymous said...

Good you don't watch television then, where the bias was even more egregious.

Anonymous said...

Its not "incorrect" but is poorly worded and could lead to confusion if your news intake is no more than a nscan of headlines. Robert Fisk was much clearer on the radio this morning. The worst violence is at the hands of the police / internal affairs staff who have firearms. He named one and gave his ID card number. It will be interesting when the police have a new master and its payback time. NZ would be no different if push came to shove and given the lack of respect for police I suspect many have already worked out who is really reliable.