Thursday, February 10, 2011

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Adolf and The Cook made it to Adelaide. Well Gawler, actually.

Thirty seven degrees and operating by air card.

We strongly recommend readers avoid the Auckland Airport Holiday Inn. Rated four and a half stars but definitely struggling.

Air New Zealand was excellent. A320 had oodles of leg room and superb music selections.

Four weeks in a serviced apartment and now to find a car and then a house. The housing market is much flatter than that in Auckland so Adolf should be able to drive a hard bargain, what with being cashed up.

Adolf will find some income earning activity. Maybe three or four days per week with no requirement to sing the company song or listen to the corporate horse shit at rah dee rah meetings.

It's been a long three days. Two days of packers and cleaners followed by a day of travel.

Relaxing with a bottle of Aussie Moet (Yellow Glen, The Cook's favorite) and a dash of 18 year old Glen Livet.


sagen said...

Congrats Addie
You have finally managed to make the move.

Redbaiter said...

Good luck Adolf.

Gawler you'll need it.

pdm said...

Well done Adolf. We haven't been to Adelaide but it will be on the list once we get back to NZ which could be sooner rather than later.

As an aside between you and KG over at Crusader Rabbit you almost have Aussie covered. The sheila with the big backside won't stand a chance.


Congratulations to Adolf and the Cook.
I hope that is Yellowglen Vintage you are serving.
Good look to you both in your new life.
I've just checked out the property scene online and prices seem very reasonable.
You should get something lovely and still have heaps of cash to spare.
Check out those McCracken homes at Freeling.
Enjoy the wine too.
I don't recall much of Gawler when I passed through but nearby Nuriootpa was a nice place and the Seppelt vineyard was lovely too.

All the best

Fairfacts Media

Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Lou Taylor said...

Well Done Adolf
Sorry I missed seeing you before the big move.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your new adventure in Oz Adolf. Keep us posted with the goings-on over there.

Mrs Danvers

Inventory2 said...

Best of luck in your new venture Adolf. I hope that you and The Cook enjoy your new life, especially with the proximity to the Barossa Valley!

Flashman said...

All of the best!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the lucky country Adolf
NZ 's loss is an Aussie gain

showmethetaxcut said...

Yes anyone with any sense will eventually move to Oz. Would the last taxpayer to leave please shut the door on the sheeple and all the socialists on the way out.

Anonymous said...

And the average IQ of both countries increases. Well NZ's one does anyway.

Simon said...

"And the average IQ of both countries increases." A Muldoonism. Despite Key's many qualities, I don't think he has quite Muldooon's, Lange's (dare I say it), et. al., gift for like witticisms and aphorisms.

The last time I flew to Melbourne (Qatar on an A380), I got bumped up to first class. I quite failed to realise that we had landed.

Best wishes.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Simon.

Unlike Muldoon and Lange, Key doesn't need wit. In its place, he has ability.

BTW 23 mls of rain in one hour today.

I saw a hell of a lot of New Zealanders on holiday, driving through two feet of water in the outside lane at 100 kph.

Ackers said...

Might I add my congratulations Adolf!

In snowy Canada at the moment but back in Sydney Monday.

Looking forward to your unique insights into Oz politics!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Why, thank you Ackers. Aussie politics is very simple.

We bushies can put up with all the vicissitudes of life which nature thrusts upon us just so long as there is not a fucking LABOUR gummint in Canberra.

haqttip Sir Henry Bolte.

Anonymous said...

Poor Australia. In under a year it's had floods, cyclones, bush fires, KG moving there, and now you. How many tragic disasters does it have to endure?

kehua said...

What is the one about rats fleeing sinking ships? All the best Mr & Mrs Adolf look forwarfd to some Ausealand humour.

Anonymous said...

You say Key has ability and yet you obviously doubt it as you ran away to Oz :)