Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks Roger

I for one will be sad to see Roger Douglas leave Parliament. Given his age it is an entirely reasonable move.
So I wish him all the best and thank him for his contributions to NZ over the years.

I also see that another right wing party is in the wings.

I know that the ACT brand has taken a few hits, many of them well deserved. NZ is a small country, true right wing politics is just a part of our political spectrum. So why divide and risk failure?

I think that egos and personalities are often too much at the forefront.
We should just focus on working together to ensure our views are sounded in a reasonable manner and listened to by the people of NZ.
Our best hope for that to happen is with 8-10 seats after the next election under one banner.


Shane Ponting said...

I'm too young to remember Roger in his previous political stints but given the hissing by some people at his return to parliament I kept an eye on him to try and understand what all the fuss was about.

I found him to be very intelligent and compelling. I'm sorry he is leaving.

Given co-operation from the relevant people in ACT I will be out campaigning for them again this election as I believe in the policies and couldn't care less about the personality politics BS.

pdm said...

Sir Roger was one of the very politicians in my life time who could espouse a vision longer than a parliamentary term. Ruth Richardson was another.

Both talents sadly wasted by people with no comprehension of what was best for New Zealand and only wanted to be elected again on polling day.

Anonymous said...

Douglas did the correct thing and removed farming subsidies.
Then lost his nerve. When it came to the bastions of socialism
Government depts. For example TV one TV Two. Radio New Zealand which
are nothing more than parasites on the New Zealand economy.

Anonymous said...

Neither TVNZ nor Radio NZ are government departments my retarded chum. And TVNZ generates revenue. You must have been home-schooled. Should have trusted the state maybe. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ruth Richardson was right on track.
Pitty she was shafted by Lefty Jim.

Anonymous said...

Wrong TVNZ and Radio NZ don’t make money. They are burden on the economy TVNZ are nothing more than Government departments in drag.
Heavily Subsidized by New Zealand on air.
It is not the responsibility for the state to provide entertainment for the peasants.

Anonymous said...

Piss off sinner. If it wasn't for the state you would be lying dead in a gutter instead of in a night shelter.

Heine said...

Sir Roger didn't lose his nerve, it was Lange who completely stuffed it up and put a halt to Sir Rogers plans. That cup of tea is the reason our country is still addicted to welfarism.

Anonymous said...

Douglas had his 15 minutes of fame 25 years ago and he should have kept his rusty guns hung up.

His return to parliament did act no favours since he was almost permanently missing in action....and he was often likened to the TV character Father Jack.

Anonymous said...

Douglas had the opportunity clean up the parasitical Government Depts in the same budget he screwed the farmers.

Anonymous said...

See, he's a politician at the end of the day. Not much chop really. I recall him getting shitty when someone asked him about some recent overseas travel at tax payers expense. There no really right wing politicians.

Anonymous said...

“There no really right wing politicians”
That’s my point. Douglas railed against farmers getting subsidies. Yet it was acceptable for a has -been MPs to go on Junket trips.
He was just a another lefty MP with a bitch against the productive sector. A bit like Cullen’s rich prick quip.
Envies little people.

Anonymous said...

Roger is a hero of mine. Lange unfortunately stopped him in his prime stride. The revolution in favour of common sense was sadly thwarted!


kehua said...

Goodbye, sayannara,fuck off Roger Douglas aka Failed Pig Farmer.