Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Optimist of the century

"I expect Joris De Bres... to make a stand on this issue. This is cultural apartheid, and we can't allow it."

Good luck with that.


pdm said...

That Rankin fellow is an absolute nut case isn't he - makes the Harawira family look normal sometimes.

WAKE UP said...

Memo David Rankin: it is very unwise to expect ANYTHING oif Joris de Bres, especially common sense. Beware of getting what you want.

Anonymous said...

I think the charge is an excellent idea as it may deter repeaters from giving these radicals air time. I find that ignoring annoyances often makes them give up and go away but expect to be disappointed though.

JC said...

This fellow Rankin should watch out.. he sounds like a racist with his demanding free admission.

Joris will sort him out.


Anonymous said...

their land, they can charge what they like for access to it.
What would stuff them up is if the govt started going to public areas of Russell to have the ceremonies instead.

Anonymous said...

This sort of gouging at Waitangi is exactly why many people fear the same will happen if the 'Seabed and Foreshore' legislation is enacted.