Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More bullshit

I see we are now paying $650,000 in our rates for "research on wellbeing of Maori" as part of a $3,400,000 bill to pander to their apartheid aspirations.

Will we ever see the day when bullshit is called bullshit.

I know it won't happen under Lyen Brown's regime.
Will he now be raising rates even more to fund the special lifestyle of a few.


CB said...

I gets worse.

Council yesterday approved $2Million for the Maori councillors up to July 2011. The $3.5Million is for the 11/12 financial year.

$5.5 Million for 18 months.

Anonymous said...

What is even worse is that the Maori boss man interviwed on the radio today (Live or National - can't recall) said it was all needed to comply with govt legislation. There was no concept of value and he was pretty smooth and didn't really answer the questions about what they were going to do. Well trained by experienced troughers?

Nothing changes, keep on voting ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Blame your hero Rodney hide, it is his legislation.

Keeping Stock said...

Auckland; you voted for him; enjoy the next two and a half years

baxter said...

I note the Council already has a 19 member Maori Department who can only be duplicating the chores that the 3.5 million is for.

Anonymous said...

ONLY IN DORKLAND dumb white motherfuckers, let the horis(maoris) run dorkland maoris dont run WELLINGTON, where the bright live except where the hutt maori dolebludgers have taken the wellington maori dole bludgers waka
but the only reason i mention it as these robbing horis have stolen rate payers assets.I love maoris ripping off maoris,it make everything normal

Tinman said...

I see we are now paying $650,000 in our rates for "research on wellbeing of Maori" as part of a $3,400,000 bill to pander to their apartheid aspirations.

I'm not.

Fantastic eh?

You lot voted in, or allowed to be voted in, the Demographic Peoples Republic of Jafaland headed by Commissar Brown.

I have no sympathy!

Lou Taylor said...

Anyone who thinks this is just an Auckland problem is just kidding themselves.

Anonymous said...

You get trougher maoris ,we get Hutt waka stealing tossiers here in Wellington,THERES CRAP all around whining and stealing maoris the chosen race in hone keys eyes

Anonymous said...

Rather have Len's troughing Maori committees than a house made worthless by continual earthquake damage. And Jed Clampett for a neighbour.

WAKE UP said...

1. Tonight, I watched a documentary on the great British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who had trains running from London to Bristol BEFORE THE SIGNING OF THE TREATY OF WAITANGI* …and the bastards are STILL complaining that we didn’t bring anything to the table.
(* among other equally astounding achievements, also before 1840)