Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mind the gap

Years ago, taking the tube to work in London, as you pulled into every station some monotonous idiot on the loud speaker would loudly proclaim "mind the gap".
Now days, it's the lefty politicians who appear to have taken up the mantle.
The gap is nothing more than an invention of their rather dull imagination.
It only exists in their feeble minds to help justify their own importance.
The rest of us see the world for what it really is - competitive.
Competition to be the best is a backbone of human nature.
When we live in a country that does not provide equal education opportunities for all, then the idiots may have something to complain about.
In the mean time, I would suggest that any one seeking to close their gap, use the time honoured means - education, imagination and hard work.
Otherwise, if you rely on politicians to do it for you, you are extremely likely to miss the train completely.
And maybe those politicians could, rather than blithering on about a figment of their imagination, actually figure out how to insert a more competitive backbone into our education system.


Simon said...

The only gaps we have to worry about are the ones between politician's ears.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Naaah, Simon.

The real gap is the one in the Labour Front Row's teeth.

First there was Clark, now Goff. If you want to pick a future Labour leader, take a leaf out of an old stockman's book.

Check the teeth. Always check the teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Down the memory hole eh Lou?

Judge Holden

Lou Taylor said...

Piss off Holden

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. It's easier for you to do that than to have to think about a response. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.

Judge Holden

pdm said...

Lou - that same person still says that on the tube but the guy I like best is the fellow on the Jubilee Line platform (eastbound) at London Bridge who all morning in rush hour says `Ladies and Gentlemens'.

Judge - Clark and Cullen spent nine long years widening the gap.

Lou Taylor said...

I only blog to express my opinion on things.
I have no desire or time to engage in debate with some gutless wonder hiding behind a pseudonym.
If you want to express your views start your own blog.