Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How MMP Gives You The One Party State

Could it possibly be that John Key has engineered the demise of Hone Black Motherfucker Harawira? Could it be Sarah Palin's doing? Adolf is waiting for assorted genii from the loony left to come up with either theory.

However, of one thing Adolf is certain. National Party people will be hoping and praying Harawira does indeed get into bed with Bradford and beget the ugliest of ugly offspring, the Ratbags Party. I can imagine the Party Chairman might be Kieth Locke and the chief strategist Matt McCarten. (He's the only one with any real brains but according to some reports he may well be dead before the campaign proper begins.)

So, what might happen at at election where the Ratbag Party pulls votes from Labour and the Greens and drives the Hammeroids scurrying back to ACT just as fast as they can go? The latter factor seems to have been ignored by pundits across the spectrum. Fear of the Ratbag Party will rejuvenate the ACT vote.

Have a look at the chart below and larrrfff your aaarse off.

Adolf assumes:-
  • Harawira is defeated by Tamihere in Tai Tokerau.
  • Hide retains Epsom.
  • Bascowan wins Tamaki.
  • Boufhead loses Ohariu.
  • Maggie Barry wins Coromandel.
  • Peters and the Greens both just miss five percent.
  • Both Labour and National poll a little less than current opinion polls indicate.
Party name Party Votes won Party seat entitlement No. of electorate seats won No. of list MPs Total MPs
% of MPs
Act New Zealand 6.00% 8 2 6 8
9.00% 12 1 11 12
Māori Party 3.00% 4 4 0 4
New Zealand Labour Party 23.00% 31 15 16 31
New Zealand National Party 48.00% 65 41 24 65
Totals 89.00% 120 63 57 120

That's when you can expect to see more cuts to gummint spending, more sale of state liabilities (such as Radio NZ and TVNZ), axing of at least thirty PC 'commissions;' elimination of interest free student loans; a clamp down on lifestyle beneficiaries and a wind back of the iniquitous Working For Families.


Anonymous said...

Something wrong in the maths somewhere Adolf...you assume that Tamihere beats Harawira but only give the MP 4 seats.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Woops, sorry about that. Doesn't make a hell of of a lot of difference to the overall picture.


Maggie Barry for Coromandel?
Inspired choice.
Nice and green in more ways than one.
And full of the elderly, especially Thames.

pdm said...

Do you really think that band of drop kicks could get 9%. I tried to paint a scenario in my post at whodduthort yesterday but was working on the drop kicks not quite making the 5% but taking votes of Labour and the Greens as you say.

I also asked the question of whether someone like Delahunty might jump ship from the Greens to join the drop kicks.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes I thought long and hard about that I reckon the ratbags Party will bleed off party votes from both the current Greens and from the Maori Party. The child killer, weed smoking, swaggering, fuckwited, cousin fucking, subhuman part of Maoridom will all vote for Harawirs.

Fortunately most of them live outside Tai Tokerau.

Doncha just love MMP?

Anonymous said...

6 out of 7 of your assumptions are implausible.

pdm said...

Lets have the answers then anon.

The Veteran said...

Hawawira deserts the MP and forms his own 'real' Labour Party.

Hawawiri and Bradford' Loves Labour Found ... and both get back into Parliament doing what they do best - wrecking.

MP is happy because they lose a loose cannon.

National is extremely happy to have him depart the Government ranks. Bit like the relative nobody wants to own.

Labour is unhappy because he will take votes that might have otherwise gone their way.

The Progressives are extremely unhappy because ditto.

Greens are extremely unhappy because ditto.

The Veteran is extremely happy because National is happy.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. We are so stuffed it seems pointless to worry about politics. The only good news is the price of our exports with even that tempered by the US dollar shambles and the impact on prices at home. Its going to be a testing year or two.

mawm said...

Adolf......you have become tainted with the leftist/progressive odour. You might not like comments made by conservative bloggers about the leftist nature of the present government and its failures to get rid of the socialist state that Clark forced on us, but to resort to ad hominem attacks on us will only drive us further away from a National Party that has prostituted its values and now kow-tows to a 'presidential' leader with a progressive agenda.

I'm unlikely to waste too much time in the future reading your ranting against right of centre bloggers. Unfortunately the loss of our (hammerhoids) support is most likely going to cost the Nats a victory in the upcoming elections and instead of a racist party calling the shots we'll have the likes of Hone and Bradford doing it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaaah I see mawn. Do ad nauseam ad hominem attacks on the PM are OK?

The Veteran said...

a response to mawm and redbaiter et al might be that the loony right have taken themselves out of political contention with their repeated attacks on the Key Government.

No-one is listening folks; you are talking to yourselves and loosing the argument. Your whinging and whining mirrors the feeble attacks mounted by Goff and his bunch of no hopers.

What part of 'we are better without fruit loops' don't you understand?

Just my opinion said...

Finally a post I quite like from you Adolf!

One little thing thing though mate - we ALREADY had enough MPs from ACT and National to do everything you said should go. Do you mean with more ACT MPs, National will be further convinced that they should be doing this?