Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hard Questions

PGG Building rescue Wednesday Morning

Sooner or later, the hard reality will bite and it is not at all pleasant.
  • When will big shake number three occur?
  • Does Christchurch have ANY future?
  • Why is it that for a hundred years there was little activity and suddenly there are serious shakes EVERY DAY for four months?
  • What are the political implications? (The exchange rate took an adverse tumble for Adolf yesterday. I hope it recovers before my looming settlement date.)
  • How much will this add to our current deficit?
  • What will New Zealanders be prepared to forgo in order to look after their mates in Christchurch? Anything? $5k tax free? Paying social welfare benefits to thousands of people who could work but will not lift their fat arses to go out and find a job?
  • Will it occur to Phil Goff that now his spend spend spend pronouncements are exposed in all their cynical hypocrisy?


Inventory2 said...

Adolf; can't you leave the jibe at Goff until all the bodies have been retreived from the streets of Christchurch?

Just sayin'; there will be plenty of time for political debate in the months ahead, but why don't we just let the dust settle for now. None of my family or my staff there has been injured, but we already have three with uninhabitable houses. My daughter is traumatised; even moreso than on Boxing Day when she was trapped in a storeroom of flying bottles.

I realise you are some distance away, but let me assure you; the situation in Christchurch is dire.

Anonymous said...

The dole should be canceled immediately. Work camps should be set up as in the Depression and anyone on the dole should be sent to Christchurch to assist in the clean up. To easy, no more unemployment and the taxpayer gets some return for the money that has been forked out over the years

Anonymous said...

Look at Napier, San Francisco, Tokyo, Bejing. There are many others as well. People bounce back OK eventually. The problem today is the standard of living - the higher it is the worse it is when you loose it.

This is a reailty check and we won't starve. Those alive today can be grateful they are. Things could be a lot worse.

Mike.Gayner said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And a further hard question.

What will be the effect on people's residential values? Will many mortgagors find themselves with loans far exceeding the reduced newly value of their homes?

How will the lenders react?

I don't know the answer but the whole thing is just another dimension of a disaster for people who otherwise might have escaped unhurt.

And Mike Gaynor, don't bother coming back. Take your thin skin elsewhere. Mr Goff will indeed need to explain exactly where he will find the money necessary to look after the people of Christchurch AND fund all his ridiculous promises.

If he has any brains at all he will be keeping very very quiet.

Mike.Gayner said...
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Anonymous said...

'Things could be a lot worse'

Explain how, when a city is destroyed and dozens of people have been injured/killedl/lost loved ones, been left homeless.

Just how could things be worse? Things could not be any worse, I would have thought. It's so shocking, doesn't seem quite real.

Psycho Milt said...

Just how could things be worse? Things could not be any worse, I would have thought.

I think the clue is right there in your comment, in the words "dozens killed." I'm picking we'd both agree that "thousands killed" would be worse.

Will it occur to Phil Goff that now his spend spend spend pronouncements are exposed in all their cynical hypocrisy?

Maybe you forgot this Adolf, living in a foreign country now an' all, but Goff is Leader of the Opposition, so what occurs to him or doesn't is of no consequence to anybody but himself. The more significant question is whether the above will occur to John Key, the Prime Minister.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mike Gaynor, you were deleted for abuse of your blog host, not for any contrary political opinion. Don't bother coming back.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, I'm not aware of any prime ministerial 'spend spend spend pronouncements.'

Perhaps you can elucidate?

carson said...

Key declines offer from Israel to provide rescue teams

"Netanyahu offered to send an expert team (rescue, engineering and medical) to NZ. PM Key rejected the offer saying that at this stage there was no need".

(This is the integrated team that was sent to Haiti and first to arrive and deploy some days before the Americans).

ניו זילנד דחתה הצעת הסיוע מנתניהו וליברמן
ראש הממשלה, בנימין נתניהו, שוחח אתמול עם מקבילו בניו זילנד, ג'ון קי, והביע צער בשמו ובשם מדינת ישראל על האסון שפקד את האי הדרומי. על אף המרחק הרב הציע נתניהו לשלוח סיוע בתחומי חילוץ, הצלה, רפואה והנדסה ככל שיידרש, אולם קי אמר כי בשלב זה אין בכך צורך והודה על ההצעה.

Psycho Milt said...

Perhaps you can elucidate?

Even if we were to ignore the hundreds of millions a week in borrowing to cover excess spending (we shouldn't), and the expensive vanity roading projects (we shouldn't), we'd be left wondering what the proposed sell-down of public assets is for, if not to cover spending.

In other words, IV2 is right - this isn't really an occasion for political points-scoring.

Anonymous said...

'Things could be a lot worse'

Think about it.

At a personal level you should be simply grateful to wake up every day. Life is a fleeting thing as some people in the wrong place at the wrong time found out yesterday.

I was wandering about on a scaffold last week - attached to a building that has now collapsed. Had I been on it I would have been dead I suspect. I'm pleased the EQ waited until I was safely off but don't take that to mean I don't care about others. Its just that perspective should not be lost and I'm grateful to be intact.

Surely everything else is secondary to being alive?

Anonymous said...

I know, let's try and make political capital out of this shall we? I'm glad you've left for Australia. Sinner should join you, but he couldn't afford the airfare.

The Silent Majority said...

This is going to cost the country a significant amount of money. And I for one am happy for my tax dollars to go toward helping with the CHCH disaster, those in need and to rebuild. This however, is a perfect opportunity for the government to cut spending in other areas in order to be able to divert borrowings to this instead. I am sure there must be a list of useless government departments that they could immediately start to cull. What NZ'er would choose (for example) retention of the Ministry of Women's Affairs over helping the people of CHCH.

Simo said...

Plate tectonics, think CHCH is moving towards the Southern Alps at 30cm a year, and eventually pushs a fracture back to the coast on September 4 last year, now another fracture back to Lyttelton off the Darfield fracture, there are going to be more of these, I'd cut my loss's and move NOW. CHCH is in a subduction zone and always has been. These are the facts, the geo geeks dont want to frightened the horses!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thank you Silent Majority.

At last, some common sense.

Barnsley Bill said...

I was supposed to attend a meeting with Jo Giles at CTV today.
My trip down today was cancelled, despite the urge to go and support colleagues it was decided that all I could possibly offer was a drain on food and water.
My staff are all in, houses gone. Total devastation. The emptying of the CBD has been escalating since the September quake and will now become total. Christchurch as a functioning commercial centre has ended.
This is the single most shocking peacetime event in new Zealands history.
Every bar, shop, hotel, cafe and place of business that I have stayed at or visited in the last seven months in christchurch is gone.
I have witnessed the gradual mental deterioration overtake people who are worn out from the constant shaking leading upto this event, we are going to see a massive and sudden diaspora occur.
Those that can leave will.

WAKE UP said...

Bill, you're probably right, but a small voice in me says "What about Napier?". The death and injury stats for Napier* were pretty much the same as Christchurch's are right now, and from a much small, less developed, population and industrial/business base. Napier seems to have made it back.

*declaration of interest: Napier occurred nine years before I was born in Hastings; I grew up with earthquakes.


I am inclined to go along with WakeUp. I too was thinking of Napier.
One friend of mine did leave Christchurch a few months back for Invercargill.
But she was a non-Cantabrian.
I guess the locals will want to stay.
There will be something of an exodus but here is a chance to rebuild a better city.
Some of it was quite grotty.
Peter Creswell and co will have to get their pencils out and design some fine buildings to make the city attractive once more.
I am sure the cathedral and other major landmarks can be restored as was. But Christchurch will survive.

Great to see you avoided trouble BB.
Another friend was supposed to be cleaning the inside of the CTV building with his dad when the quake struck but plans were changed at the last minute.
I am sure there will have been many lucky escapes and 'there for the grace of God go I' type stories.

Inventory2 said...

@ Barnsley - I met Jo Giles when I was down in Christchurch in November. Staff members of ours in Christchurch know her well. She, like many others lies in the ruins of the CTV building. My wife's cousin will be doing body recovery there today; such are life's ironies.

Christchurch will rebuild, but it is going to be a long, long road back. Partisan politics such as that currently on display at a left-leaning blog I won't name is not what is called for.


Yes, IV2, I read that disgusting filth thanks to Liberty Scott's fine post.
Those leftists plumbed a new standard of depravity and vileness.

Anonymous said...

Liberty Scott? Didn't the libertarians whine about a government donation of $5 million dollars when Christchurch was hit last September? Hopefully doctor McGrath will keep his head down while this disaster is dealt with.

Psycho Milt said...

Do you really think this particular thread is an excellent place to complain about a left blog taking the opportunity for partisan political points-scoring? (Not that the Standard actually did that - a few of their commenters did, which ain't the same thing.)

Inventory2 said...

@ Milt - IMHO it IS the same thing when the moderators comment on comments from right-leaning commenters, but have nothing to say on accusations which are patently untrue, offensive and just plain poison. If the moderators let comments like that go, then they are, by the silence, condoning it.

Tinman said...

.... constant shaking leading up to this event.


Most of us (if not all of us) had felt SFU shaking for months.

Like Wellingtonians we'd got used to it and we will again.

Worst estimates are 400 dead.

Tragic yes but there are still approx 400,000 of us left alive, most of them/us no more than inconvenienced by current events.

This is Canterbury, we will survive - and prosper!

Psycho Milt said...

If the moderators let comments like that go, then they are, by the silence, condoning it.

Meh. We let vile shit go by every week here, but it doesn't connotate agreement.

Anonymous said...

It's true you let vile shit stay up, but anyone who dares to point out the obvious and embarrassing errors of fact, logic, taste and grammar in the posts of Adolf will find his posts deleted post haste.

Delete this immediately! Quickly now!

Judge Holden