Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goff Lied, Sailors died

Adolf has been following with interest, the coronor's hearing on the death of a sailor aboard HMS Canterbury. I will be fascinated to see the final report.

Thus far, two key witnesses have sheeted the blame home squarely to the Ministry of Defence and the then Minister at the time of the ship's commissioning. These are the lad's parents here and the senior naval officer here - the Deputy Inspector General for Defence, no less

Two extracts are telling and both get to the heart of the Defense Minister's incompetence.

The parents:-

"It is my contention that our son died as a result of incompetence."

Mr Solomon also said the Government-commissioned Coles Report had said the programme to commission the HMNZS Canterbury "has been managed to get the ship into service as soon as possible, and it has been characterised by shortcomings in project management and governance and collective wishful thinking".

The DIG;-

Commander William Craig, the Deputy Inspector General for the Defence Force, who has 33 years' experience, told the inquest the Navy knew that the Canterbury was inadequate.

"Can I draw on the analogy if you buy a car it will have a warrant of fitness. It will also be built to various standards. In this case, some of those standards were lacking."

However, Commander Craig says there was significant pressure to deploy the ship, despite the fact 24 hazards had been identified.

The ship was commissioned in June 2007 and the lad was killed in October of the same year.

Who was the Minister of Defence in charge of the Navy?
With what was he preoccupied in 2006 and 2007?

He was too busy helping his good friend Helen Clark work out how to steal a couple of million dollars from the taxpayer to fund their broken arsed party's election campaign. Far to busy to see to it that the troops lives are not put at unnecessary risk.


gravedodger said...

Having originally sent both the reconstruction team and the SAS to Afghanistan he now witters on in the non questioning MSM about how the baby eater is putting our soldiers at "RISK".

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Navy ship selection's I'm not sure that there are real smart people running things. Maybe its not Goff but political appointees who won't say no to nonsense. We know that the buck usually stops at a level well below the top nowadays.

Anyway, Goff has dyed his hair I gather so he's reinventing himself in the hope something will turn the tide. Just as well failure isn't patented - he would have to steal more to pay for the use of the term.