Saturday, February 26, 2011

Those Hard Questions Again

A few days ago Adolf posed some hard questions about the aftermath of the Christchurch disaster.

He copped some semi-coherent flack for opining that Mr Goff might find some difficulty promoting his spend spend spend policies. It would seem there are some in the community who seem to think everyone must rush around like headless chooks until the final death count is confirmed. To even muse aloud about the harsh realities is deemed 'insensitive.'

Well all I can say is that at times of crisis there needs to be at least someone who can put aside the 'sensitivities' and think clearly. Some people call that leadership.

Fran O'Sullivan appears to have caught on, with a useful piece in this morning's Herald. She basically repeats Adolf's theme of three days ago.
What will New Zealanders be prepared to forgo in order to look after their mates in Christchurch? Anything? $5k tax free? Paying social welfare benefits to thousands of people who could work but will not lift their fat arses to go out and find a job?
Namely, bludgers will have to give up some of their ill gotten bribes in order to help finance the cost of recovery for Christchurch. By bludgers I refer to well off families who are creaming it on so called tax credits and interest free student loans for their little darlings.

Last time I looked, the cost of this episode was pitched a $16,000,000,000.

Ms O'Sullivan lets herself down with this howler, through:-
This is the opportune time for him to review the extent of his Government's tax-cuts, which are being funded through borrowing .........
Of all people she should know the tax cuts are NOT financed from borrowing. They are financed from an increase in GST. Had the tax cuts not occurred, along with the associated increase in GST we would still be borrowing exactly the same amount. No more and no less.


Rob Carr said...

Except if you read the budget it is plain that the tax cuts were not totally fiscally neutral. While we are not borrowing for the whole amount we are for a significant amount.

baxter said...

Maybe the United Nations Development Fund could help out. At the very least the substantial Annual contributions we make to it could be re-directed.

Tinman said...

Give every (physically fit) Christchurch beneficiary a bucket and a spade and put the bastards to work cleaning up and you'll immediately reduce the costs.

Anonymous said...

Yes put those bastards to work! You can watch Tinman! It'll be great entertainment for you. Twat.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately internal aid demands need to take precedence over eternal, so handouts to various terrorist states should cease forthwith.

The reality is that 30% of the govt's expense account is soaked up by social welfare. So why is there an incessant lie told that tax cuts are the cause of the deficit, when any skerrick of truth would reveal that the blame lies fully at the foot of vote welfare.
We need to trim other waste like the nonsense that is the families ministry, pacific islands affairs, womens ministry, the fool that is Joris De bres.
State service sector employees need to be told that there will be no salary increases for 24 months, and that if they want one, then feel free to get a job in the private sector if you think you are worth more, this group will have to include politicians, Spendthrift local body polies need to be told to GTFO. The only councils who should be given any assistance beyond Cantabrian ones, are those that can absorb the displaced and meet those peoples' immediate needs, rather than a wish list of desirable projects (most of which are just going to end up being money pits for the ratepayers to upkeep).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:26

Why can you see it so clearly, but those fking politicians can't?

I despair at the leadership we have.

Where are the real men, those who aren't afraid to make the hard choices, and damn the polls, because they certainly need to be made.

Most of NZ lives in fairyland where money grows on trees and everyone is bedazzled by the fairy dust of welfare.

Fuck I despair sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we want REAL MEN! Where dey? And no welfare! If you don't agree you're a communist and probably gay! This is a great site!

Anonymous said...

exactly, Gay commie lickspittles need not apply