Thursday, February 3, 2011


I spoke yesterday to a Christian Egyptian friend who now lives in NZ. She is very concerned for her sister in Cairo, who lives about 20km from downtown. She is terrified to leave her house, food is impossible to buy, there are continual gun shots and looting.

After this murder at New Year, the Christians (10% of the population) live in a much heightened fear of persecution.
The people who protest in the streets are seeking "freedom" but I strongly suspect that they will get the opposite.
Enslavement by a minority of fanaticals, far worse than anything Mubarak condoned.

As for the 8 million Christians. I fear that these days are sealing their fate.

And probably Israel's as well.


gravedodger said...

Nothing to worry about there, the dominant religion is the religion of "peace" and once they have delt to all the nonbelievers that will become apparent.

Anonymous said...

The rag heads in Teheran must be stroking their greasy beards with glee.

WAKE UP said...

Here’s a clue: virtually ALL the demonstrators in the streets are male.
And another: Obama couldn’t wait to get to Cairo only months after his inauguration.
We’ve not seen even the beginning of where this is going to go yet.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Lou. God is in charge and he never promised the Christians an easy ride - just to walk with them even when its tough. The Muslims won't win where it really matters. If the dispensationalists are right Israel will be just fine but they are not and eventually Israel will fall. The Zionist movement won't care.