Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Having grown up in Canterbury and spending my university days in Christchurch, I can only express my dismay after yesterday's earthquake. The loss of life is tragic and my thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.
My Dad and Mum live in Christchurch and miraculously they have once again escaped any major damage. But we are making plans for them to come and stay with us until the true nature of the consequences of this disaster are understood.
As a structural engineer, it was very disheartening to see the CTV and PGG buildings collapse in such a manner. It is surprising that the columns failed so completely, with such tragic consequences for the people trapped inside.


Barefoot said...

First up, our thoughts are with you in NZ from Aus.
However, I just saw John Campbell do a report. Four Aussies with me and myself felt dirty listening to him. John people are dead, this is not your stage for awards with over dramatic, over emotive reporting.

My God!

KG said...

He simply has no class, Bok.

Lou Taylor said...

Haven't watched TV3 news since the last election.

Ciaron said...

As a structural engineer, it was very...

Me too... When are you coming down to lend a hand