Monday, February 7, 2011


So, 'John' Harawiri has been kicked out of the Maori Party caucus.

So, as an independent he can give his proxy vote to Labour where he obviously feels at home along with the other malcontents from the 'Left' of the political spectrum.

Incredibly good news for National and disastrous news for Labour. Bit like the wino ner do well, infested with fleas, who comes a calling.

So, now the choices become starker. Vote Labour you get Winston and John and Norman and Phil. Problem is that Winston hates Norman and both hate John while Phil would like to hate all three but can't (daren't) say so.

We live in interesting times.


alex Masterley said...

No Veteran, Phill lives in interesting times

pdm said...

Will John sit beside Chris?

Anonymous said...

It gets more like a fiasco on steroids for Labour by the week.



Anonymous said...

I liked that Sue Bradford was not against Hone in respect of a working relationship. That should mean with the weight of two disfunctional people on board Sue will never fly again.

I was amazed that Key held Titiwhai's hand at Waitangi. How can someone so poisonous attract so much attention?

KG said...

"I was amazed that Key held Titiwhai's hand at Waitangi."

Some of us weren't at all amazed--it was a slimy, principles-free opportunist showing his true colours.

Psycho Milt said...

...Labour where he obviously feels at home...

This is so ridiculously wrong about both Harawira and Labour it doesn't bode well for the rest of the post.

The Veteran said...

I think it was more like Titiwhai grabbed John's hand and held on like f**k and the PM was too much of a gentleman to want to create a scene at the Ti Ti Marae.

Pity the media was fixated with the rabble Maori mob at Waitangi. There were many Maori there that made a point of staying very clear of them recognising that screaming and yelling insults isn't a great receipe for success.

I predict the 'John' will now become even more of a radical as he struggles to make himself heard in Parliament ... and history will record the sum total of his achievements (apart from embarrassing Labour with his support) will be nix, zero, nothing.

But what will be sad is that he will continue to encourage Maori to remain in grievance mode forever because that is what many of them do well.

The Veteran said...

PM ... 'John' H has said on many occasions (including one in my presence) that he is more comfortable with Labour over National.

So, where do you see him giving his proxy vote?

Psycho Milt said...

To the Opposition, given his opinion of the govt.

I expect he is "more comfortable with Labour over National." I'd be more comfortable with Labour too, which doesn't logically contradict my view that Labour are a lying bunch of weasels totally undeserving of govt power - they're just slightly less undeserving of it than National. He doesn't like them and they don't like him, don't bother pretending otherwise.

WAKE UP said...

Clarks' baleful, headless-chicken legacy lives on...and on.