Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Backdoor constitutions


$3.4m - budget agreed last week.

$1.9m - budget suggested last night

This would be more truthful

$3.4m - budget foisted on gullible ratepayers last week.

I won't hold my breath over this one
The council also voted to formally request the Government to clarify the intentions of its legislation.

That would require strong leadership from Key.

And they save the worst till last

Mike Lee, who tried to throw the matter back to the Government for clarification of the law before the budget was finalised, said what happened would influence the constitutional development of the country.

"This issue is that important."

It looks like we are heading down the track of getting a sleazy, backdoor constitution.

You are damn right Lee.
This is important but don't believe for a second that you and your mates have any mandate to foist your version of some apartheid constitution on us.
The treaty is not a partnership.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Did you notice the NCEA grammar?

'request the gummint to' should read 'ask the gummint to.'

It is hilarious that Lyen Brown finds himself in this self made shithole. Nothing will peel off votes faster than a Bros Only deal costing rate payers three and a half million. Especially when most of the Bros themselves are exempt from paying rates and taxes.

No wonder they are doing cartwheels trying to lie their way oout of it by blaming Rodney Hide.

Anonymous said...

What kind of alternative reality do you live in? Mind you, sleazy and foisted are words that do apply to the ACT party and Rodney Hide - the people who we have to "thank" for the SuperCity legislation.

Rodney Hide - corrupt, and now exposed as incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Well done Auckland, fot voting in Len Brown. ARe we still celebrating. Who would've thought. National must be cringing, this could lose them the election. Auckland makes/breaks elections, many ratepayers will be furious. As it is, the struggle to pay household bills is grim.

Anonymous said...

Dork he may be but I suspect the Maori problem is at a basic level not Brown's doing - its central govt pandering to the Bro's. He was on a hiding to nothing and got caught trying to cover up. I especially like how the Board have advised that they will take legal action and that will cost the Auckland rate payers $ hundreds of thousands (sounds like my school lunch really). See, you pay either way and winning costs as much as losing and you pay to sue yourself. Australia looks more and more appealing and maybe some urgency is required so I can sell up before Maori simply take. Key is either a sneak or incompetent. God forbid that Labour appear (just appear mind you) to have the moral high ground on something at last?

Hugh Barr's book is an ominous prediction.

Anonymous said...

This is merely a symptom of the government's dry humping relationship with the Bros.

And in the widest picture, that relationship is a symptom of the long-standing unanswered question: What on earth is to be done in NZ about or with the Bros?

Anonymous said...

The clarification being to establish whether Auckland Council *must* fund the Maori Statutory Board at whatever level they say is 'reasonable', or whether council can insist on a lower funding level.

Because National and ACT passed a law that left this terminally vague and unresolved - despite numerous submitters pointing this out to them.

But then, National MP Tau Henare was too busy shouting the public down, and National's select committee chair John Carter was too busy heckling submitters, for them to have actually heard and absorbed the good suggestions being made. ACT were too gutless to even have their MPs show up.

National & ACT - making fools of themselves (with our money) because they were too stupid to listen to anyone. Them being the powerful, all-knowing corporate executives and all.