Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adding insult to injury

How would you go sitting through this without jumping up and telling 'em fuck?

"This" being a certain victim impact statement quoted in the story. Mr Robert Waikari, a munter, persuaded a young acquaintance, Ms Tini Christy, to drive his unroadworthy van that couldn't move in a straight line, because she was less pissed than he was. The resulting crash killed him.

In a display of the level of wisdom and personal insight that tells us how Waikari grew to be the munter he was, his mother felt inclined to get up in court and read out to the young girl whose life Waikari had ruined a "victim impact statement" - the mother, presumably, being somehow a "victim" in this (or at least, a "victim" of something other than her son's stupidity).

I don't think I could have sat through it without offering Waikari's mother a few suggestions as to where she should be looking if she's determined to blame someone.


baxter said...

"prompted a judge to ask all New Zealanders to examine their consciences. "

Well New Zealanders have long examined their consciences and most have concluded that the drinking age should be raised to 20(shouldn't have been lowered) and RTDs should be banned.

Both main Political parties have refused to examine theirs and have ignored the majority Public Wish with foreseeable consequences.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

There is a dreadful irony in someone looking to save their own skin by not being the driver when pulled up, and then losing it.

WAKE UP said...

You sllep with dogs, you get fleas.

WAKE UP said...

sorry, typo : "...sleep with dogs..."