Friday, January 21, 2011

When Friends Act Like Enemies

One gets used and almost inured to the blatant and opportunist lies of the Left - Mallard is a skilled practitioner of the art and Goff tries hard but rarely succeeds - if he had succeeded he might be in better shape politically. Clark was an expert. The Democratic Party and most of the US media are shameless in their devotion to the practice as evinced by the hounding of George W Bush and latterly Sarah Palin.

So it comes as a slight shock to realise that those one considered allies appear to be indulging in the same behaviour.

Have a look at just a few of the repeated false accusations being levelled at the National Party by the shouters of the uber right - the loose lipped Hammeroids. It is difficult to see sometimes whether these accusations arise through ignorance or malice.

  1. They are no different from Labour
  2. They are borrowing $300 million per week
  3. They haven't done anything they promised
  4. They cost taxpayers $1.7 billion bailing out SCF.
Number 1

They are no different from Labour? What arrant nonsense.

Prime Minister Key has made it clear before and after the 2008 election that National will not introduce major changes without first gaining public support. Contrast that attitude with Labour's axing of appeals to the Privy Council and the establishment of a relatively dubious and legally light weight Supreme Court. Reflect for a while on Labour's appalling embezzlement of public funds for electioneering and it's attempt to entrench itself by way of the Electoral Finance ACT. Contrast National's handling of wayward MP's with Labour's disgraceful tolerance of Peters and Field.

Number 2

They are borrowing $300 million per week? Well, no they are not.

Most of the borrowing is rolling over short term loans incurred by Cullen with a very small proportion only represented by new borrowing. The pernicious $300 million lie is designed to fool the average punter into believing we are increasing our debt at the rate of $16 billion per year. We are not.

Number 3

They haven't done anything they promised? Oh really?

They've vastly improved the service delivery and cost efficiency of the health system.
They've gone in hard on national standards for schools.
They've chopped the ridiculous rate of increase in public spending
They've slashed income tax rates for the vast majority of New Zealanders
They've adhered to their fundamental promise that they would not slash and burn while the country was in recession.

Number 4

They cost taxpayers $1.7 billion bailing out SCF. This must be the new maths at work. The short sighted version where 4 -2 = 17

Firstly, SCF was not bailed out. It's investors were.

Secondly, the taxpayers paid only part of the SCF investor guarantee. A large part of the $1.7 billion was funded from the fees paid by the participating institutions - from memory, some $200 mil. What the lying shouters don't say is that the true cost to the taxpayers after allowing for the fee income and the sale of assets is unlikely to exceed $200 million. The shouters need to be reminded as well of the cost to taxpayers had a major finance company been allowed to fail eighteen months earlier - which would have happened in the absence of the government guarantee. Then, markets were chaotic, uncertainly prevailed internationally and public fears were raised. A major run on all finance institutions would have resulted and 'cost the taxpayer' a hell of a lot more than a lousy $200 mil.

So, here's hoping for a little more accuracy and honesty from our friends on the right than we normally expect from our enemies of the left.


Linda Reid said...

Tell me more about the $300million a week. I thought that was new borrowings. Is it not? What is our current deficit?

And no, I don't think National are just like Labour - they are open and honest, and they talk policy and remain at the very least civil to people they don't agree with (outside parliament).

I had looked for greater reduction in state intrusion into our lives - eg Steven Joyce should have shown the taxi drivers the door. And I would prefer them to simplify the tax system - instead they have made it more complicated. There is much more that can be done. I'm looking forward to seeing their policy platform later this year.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Linda, if you go to the government accounts you will see that net new borrowings increased by $52 mil per week in the year ended June 30th 2010. So, if we were borrowing at the rate of 300 mil per week, then $248 mil of that was rolling over old debt.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Adolf.

I'm not sure what is worse - the Left that are so openly smarmy they are easy to dislike or the right that are nicer to your face but little different to the left.

We are not dealing with the fundamental issues that will dictate how we perform into the future.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Adolf.

A perfect example of the blathering about the supposed $250 million per week can be seen on the TradeMe message boards -

Read through it if you have the stamina.

One poster has put up hundreds of posts all saying the same thing, and he also seems to have a problem with John Key.

Lou Taylor said...

You are falling into the politicians pit Adolf.
They consider $200 million to be "lousy" day in and day out.
That money represents the sweat off taxpayers backs and should be treated with a lot more respect.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lou, it is indeed paltry when compared with $1.7 billion. That's the point.

Lou Taylor said...

I know thats your point Adolf but the politicians point is that they continue to spend small lousy amounts day in and day out. At the end of a couple of decades those lousy amounts have turned into billions of debt.
And that is the fundamental problem.
We are living beyond our means and creating a society of state dependant wowsers at the same time.

Those wowsers will continue to vote in politicians who promise to feed them. Those politicians will do nothing but tinker around the edges, pay themselves and eventually retire to superanuation and cheap travel.

Linda Reid said...

fismsI have an idea. How about all backbench MPs are paid the average wage. Modest increases are responsibilities increase. Personally, I prefer that MPs truly see their work as service rather than a career.

As a bonus, there would then be an incentive to grow the economy and the average wage.

The Gantt Guy said...

Really Adolf? You really want to go here?

No different from Labour. You say National will not introduce major change without first gaining public support. What about MACATB? The new Foreshore & Seabed (aka the Finlayson Retirement Plan) is being rammed through despite objections from pretty much everyone on the spectrum. You also mention the EFA. Simon FIGJAM Power has done a deal with Liarbore (without talking to his caucus colleagues) for the Son of EFA. And do I really need to get into the way they ignored 90% of the electorate over their ridiculous anti-parenting law? Your comment here is a blatant misrepresentation. Your lot are *just* like the last lot, except they like to kiss you while you're being ...

Borrowing $300 million a week. The issue isn’t the borrowing. It’s the fact your limp-wristed pathetic excuse for a party is doing nothing to reduce the borrowing and in fact, is causing it to increase.

Haven’t done anything they’ve promised. Never said they haven’t delivered *anything*. But don’t mention National Standards, Adolf, it’s disingenuous. That isn’t “delivered” yet and not likely to be either, unless there’s a major shift in the unions’ attitudes.

The SCF bailout is a total furfy, and the MSM should STFU about it. SCF entered the gummint guarantee, and so the gummint was legally obliged to bail them out. The tragedy would be to let Hubbard start up again.

“here's hoping for a little more accuracy and honesty from our friends on the right than we normally expect from our enemies of the left” you should tell that to your messiah. He completely dismissed the 2025 Task Force suggestions as being all to radical and “right wing” (I won’t get into the laughability of a NATIONAL Party PM arguing against right wing) when he should have embraced their suggestions as the appropriate (really the only) way to stop New Zealand sliding off the bottom of every important OECD measure.

Adolf, you should just admit it now. This National government has been a huge disappointment and were there any viable opposition (Phil Goff FFS? Nobody’s gonna vote for him) they would be out on their ear come November.

Anonymous said...

You're shouting in the wind on this one Adolf. The Hammeroid brigade are so blinded by what THEY want that they have no capacity to see what this Government has actually done. Many of the policies they espouse are simply unelectable and they are oblivious to the fact that most of them would result in an instant reversion back to the crap we endured for nine years.


Angus said...

I have to respectfully disagree there. The Nats have been largely awful.

They don't seem even remotely capable of articulating a policy message to the public - watching Brownlee & Key flap around on the mining issue and allowing themselves to be browbeaten by Robyn Malcolm and a motley collection of bearded, sandal-wearing eco-loons was utterly embarrassing to witness.

Perhaps their biggest failing is that they are so risk averse. They skulk around like frightened cats. With respect to the anti-smacking bill for example, I'd say Key was told by one of his spin weasels that if the Nats repeals it, then the media and the Left would use it to blame the Nats for every Maori kid that gets beaten to death thereafter . . . So the law remains, even though 87% of the country wanted it gone.

Crazies to the left of me, wimps to the right.

gravedodger said...

A good fisking of the KFC Party adolph.
That is the KHAN (Ghengis) FUCKTARD (stupid) CONVENTION (self-immoliating) party who think the well intentioned effort of Richardson, of the 'right the ship before it sank' movement only to find she was goneburger before the actual salvage could be attempted.
Wasn't "the mother of all budgets" sufficiently cringe-worthy.
What J K is attempting is called pragmatic achievable politics int it.

Shane Ponting said...

Issues on my radar:

National have failed here IMHO

Here we go again.....

There has been no significant improvement in the quality of roads that I've noticed.

Dole bludging stories:
I've heard plenty since the Nats were in power - of what I would consider cases where people are rorting the system and definitely not in need of a helping hand.

My bottom line (financial situation): Costs all over are increasing at a pace which makes me dizzy - definitely not wealthier under National.

Now of course you are free to tell me I'm ignorant because I base these assessments on my very narrow and small perspective that is the two eyes and two ears I have to view the world around me.

You can also rubbish the notion that any of these things matter objectively speaking.

BUT, this is the stuff that rocks the boat for me and I will chuck rocks at National all election-year long as long as they fail in these areas.

Oh and it's not hard to be right of National these days.

Heine said...

Adolf, Adolf Adolf…. I wonder what pushed your buttons about this?

These aren’r false accusations at all. When National voted that very nice young man Mr Key, a man with a reputation of being a very savvy economic operator. A man who has hired and fired ruthlessly in his very well documented career. We were excited, and we all know you were too.

We expected them to be different from the arrogance that Labour trademarked over 9 years. So why ignore a referendum about smacking and arrogantly say the current law is ok? Why ride in on the coattails of all those people who helped you win the election who fought to get rid of this law?

Why would that nice man betray his very own economic commonsense and continue to support interest free student loans and working for family payments? Again policies that National fought against and called them bribes… only to embrace them once in power.

Get the theme Adolf? Say one thing outside of Government and then sell everybody up the river in order to maintain yourself in Government.

There have been cases where National have been much better than Labour, I agree, they are transparent in places where Labour have not been. Their ministers are in large better than Labour ones. Key is doing a good job rejuvenating the party as well.

National have not solved the electoral financing laws either.

As for borrowing, you say that it’s not £300 million a week and yet don’t say why Key is still having to borrow hundreds of billions to maintain the same inefficiencies that you inherited from Labour. Consider that there was a well costed policy alternative presented to you by the ACT Party, that John ignored (not because of commonsense but for political longevity) then you wonder what sort of future our kids and their kids will have when they are shackled with this debt. Sure Cullen is to blame for much of this, but then WHY give him cushy Government appointments? Is Cullen to blame or not?

Plus you can’t say they have slashed taxes when they have bought in ETS and increased GST. The ETS is stupid policy and yet it seems that Key and co don’t seem to care about the long term damage to the economy. Key knows he won’t be around for too long so can experiment all he likes.

The National Party of past days had a bit more fight in them. This populist stuff, at the expense of commonsense is going to be their downfall when the polls are reversed one day.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Heine, if you have to wonder you have a serious comprehension problem which does not seem to be shared by Roy Morgan.

One interesting aspect I've noticed is the most vociferous of the Hammeroids appear to not reside in NZ.

Funny that.

I look forward to the day when you all return to do your duty and put your wallets rather than hot air on the table.

Anonymous said...

POLLS are meaningless when the majority of the people no longer have the ability to think for themselves.

Heine said...

So you have nothing to say at all then Adolf other than get shirty because I choose to not reside on the shores of a country that is going downhill fast?

Why take my family to NZ when there are better places to be?

I didn't say he will not win this election. But if your boy Key continues to ignore commonsense then it will only take a few weeks for Labour to roll it back.

The Gantt Guy said...

"...if you have to wonder you have a serious comprehension problem which does not seem to be shared by Roy Morgan."

Adolf, you're being disingenuous (again). The only reason your messiah and his apostles are riding so high in the polls is because there is no opposition. That rabble "led" by Goff couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel, let alone an effective political opposition. And why would they, when it's their team's policies being implemented?

"One interesting aspect I've noticed is the most vociferous of the Hammeroids appear to not reside in NZ."

I can't speak for Clint or anyone else, but for me, I escaped Helengrad in 2003 (before she showed her full evil), and was hoping to be able to come back when Key & co took over. But (as I've explained many times to the progressives that infest a certain other blog) why would I give up half my income to come home to higher costs of living and the spectre of being "the enemy" (which as a WASP heterosexual male I most certainly am in Jafaland). If I saw any prospect of New Zealand arresting its slide into third-world status I would be on the plane in a heartbeat. But I don't, because there is none.

Adolf, it's time to take off the blinkers mate, and seriously look at your team's performance. Yes, they're riding high in the polls, but as I explained above that's rigged. Measure them against their own values statements. Here's a link, in case you've forgotten what they are (I know John Key sure has):

Your continued one-eyed cheering is like when the All Blacks smash American Samoa 147-nil. They look great doing that, but they fall apart in the World Cup. Your guys look great against the political equivalent of American Samoa, but that's just covering up the squad's massive weaknesses. I mean, why the hell else would Whale be running Labour's 2011 campaign? And why would Cactus Kate be running Winston's? If not because an effective opposition would force your mob to do what everyone (except you and the rest of the fanboy cheer squad) know they need to to?

Anonymous said...

lol at adolf, the national party have their very own bomber bradbury.

DS said...

The only people who think John Key is a messiah who can work miracles in weeks are the likes of you, Gantt Guy, KG etc.

Other folk who are actually grounded in political reality realise politicians are not totalitarian idols who can move mountains at the sweep of a hand.

The many thousands of NZers who admire John Key do not view him as a messiah. They view him as a realist. They do not expect him to walk on water and perform miracles like the bullet points in Adolf's post.

Heine said...

DS, they are only miracles if Key ever entertained the idea of being a leader of a centre right party. They are doable.

The Gantt Guy said...

No he's no the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy. Pretending to be a centre-right Prime Minister.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gannt, you got nuthin else to do? Like going to the back of your cave and polishing your club?

You are becoming tiresomely repetitive. Time to find a new angle.

Suggest you try feudalism. That's probably close to where you want to be. Where less than 1% of the population dictates how the majority of the population will live. Oh and please don't go on and fucking on about the smacking referendum. It was not binding. Nobody has been wrongly put in jail. Nobody apart from you and your minority mates is jumping up and down.

60% of the population think Mr Key is doing just fine. Perhaps you should just be patient for a little longer and see what the 2011 manifesto looks like.

Perhaps you should wait just a little longer and see what the election result looks like?

Will you have your Hammer Party registered in time? With it's flash motto "Slash and Burn at Every Turn"

The Gantt Guy said...

Adolf, the election will be a landslide for your messiah, and you'll all be dancing in the streets.

Not because he's that good, but because, sadly, there is no alternative.

Thanks for the hospitality Adolf, but if you can't take the blinkers off and for one second admit there are things Key could have done (or not done) that would have made his government a lot better than it is, there's no point me continuing the conversation. You have your position as a tragic fanboy and I have mine, as a somewhat more objective member of Key's employer group.

Heine said...

The referendum wasn't binding and yet National used it as political capital to why Labour were in the wrong.