Friday, January 21, 2011

Two dozen words for the one dozen

"... and so the National Government will be holding an inquiry into why our country has 12 separate state funded agencies to oversee child welfare."

John Key

Well done John.

You see, Keyoids? That's the difference between a Prime Minister and a Leader.


Murray said...

I'm pretty fussy about what I call a leader and no politician fits the bill.

He can show leadership of lead the party but I wont be following any of them.

kevin said...

The 12 agencies with a record of failure. That is the disappointment, apart from the fact we need them at all. Bring it on... shake 'em up.

Heine said...

It's a start... pity it's 2 and a half years longer than we hoped :)

Anonymous said...

Heine, if an election wasn't on the near horizon you wouldn't have seen anything at all. Nothing will change.

ZenTiger said...

I saw the headlines and was left shaking my head at having 12 agencies involved in the welfare of one child, and all failed.

I'm thinking cost, duplication of information, not sharing information, interference with families having to deal with many individuals and reports etc - it's ridiculous.

My current feeling is that these 12 agencies must include places like the School, the Doctors, the Hospital and that would explain part of this seemingly large list.

Anonymous said...

the evaluation has been done multiple times by multiple governments. Northern Territory's most recent has resulted a Family And Childrens'deprtment being set up.
Queenslab have a Juvenile Aid Bureau, and many other State bodies exist in the western hemishpere, how fricken hard could it be to look at the reprots of 10 of them, see what reults and recommendations they come up with, and if you don't have the guts to stop paying morons to breed then scrap all the other bodies, and implement a single accountable authority.

Anonymous said...

Does hone key know where NZ is???
opps its lower down in the world than his than his holiday home

Simon said...

I used to work for CYF until it was 'merged' / raptured into MSD (Ministry of Serial Disasters) by the last govt (for basically political reasons - child abuse is bad press). CYF is probably more broken now that it ever was. It's time Peter Hughes especially, MSD CEO, and his minions (eg, Ray Smith) really fronted up. MSD seem to think that CYF can be run like WINZ. But, WINZ is like a bank. When they cock up, beneficiaries don't get paid; but when CYF cocks up, children can die. The statutory role of Chief Social Worker also appears to have been sidelined and diminished under MSD's reign of error.

I fully agree that CYF alone cannot prevent every instance of abuse and never will - a lot of kids are abused or die without them or their families ever previously coming to the notice of CYF (or indeed, other agencies). Why? - a failure of family and community.

Inventory2 said...

@ Anon (5.20pm) - classy mate, really classy. Play the ball, not the man.

JC said...

12 agencies sounds bad, but they were designed to ensure that (extreme eg) the IRD doesn't take your kids to force you to pay your taxes or the police to take away the mother for minor shoplifting.. iow checks and balances in the system.

The better approach may be to use the involvement these agencies as indicators of a problem and actions to take, eg 3 agencies involved.. family in trouble. 4-6 get the kids out of there, 6+.. fucked unit and danger to the public.


Shane Ponting said...

Forgive me for not holding my breath in the hope this "inquiry" is going to result in ACTION.

It will be just more talk.

Heine said...

This is what you get for decades of indocrination that a Government knows what is best for you and your family.

Bogusnews said...

A lot of good comments here.

Unfortunately we are now in the end game of the bold new world that was first thought up by Margaret Wilson, Helen Clark and others in the 70's. As has been reported (several times) in the Herald, their plan was to destabilise and break up the traditional family because they believed they knew best.

I sometimes wonder if they ever regret their actions, but I very much doubt it. I rather think they view dead children as just "collateral damage" in their brave war to bring the new world on us.

All I can say is when you subsidise something, you get more of it. We've been subsidising broken families for a long time and the outcome is absolutely predictable.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the ethnicity of each of the caseworkers assigned by each of the 12 agencies to support this family.

It's an unfortunate fact of the welfare-distributing industry in New Zealand that the ethnicity of the caseworkers is relevant. It's also an unfortunate fact of the current political climate that their ethnicity isn't part of the discourse.

We all know that each of the caseworkers share the same ethnicity as the perpetrators of this horrible crime. We all know that the caseworkers overlooked or excused the abuse because of their shared cultural sensitivities with the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

Crap, we have to pay for an inquiry into why 1+1 does not equal 3.