Saturday, January 22, 2011

So Far Up Themselves....

....they couldn't find the way out with GPS.

Labour, that is.

Go and have a look at the pathetic bleating from Clare Curran over at Red Alert. She's having a bit of a weep because Hooton has reminded her that Hitler and Stalin were pretty good at making sure free speech applied only to their own views, a practice she seems keen to emulate.

The piece de resistance is the affronted dignity with which she pouts:-

"And it's not the first time the National Party have ([sic) [She doesn't know how to conjugate singular with singular, silly little girl) used the Hitler analogy against me."

I reckon by now they will have struck off my entirely civilized and polite comment.

Adolf Fiinkensein says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Yes. I agree it is appalling to use the Hitler analogy.

Tokyo Rose is far more appropriate.

Any fool can see there's only a faint passing resemblance to Hitler.


Anonymous said...

She is a flake, ex hack. Even her Labour colleagues think she is mad. Lesson for new first term MP's: keep your head down and learn.

Anonymous said...

Madame Mao?

DS said...

Your point is a good one Adolph, but many of the Right - like Crusader Rabbit - are just as bad at deleting any contrarian views.

And don't give me that crap about a blog being private property. By blogging and accepting comments you are inviting all and sundry in, and bloggers should be able to accept other views on the chin.

Randomly abusing the blog owner is different though, I will give you that. However differing views should be accepted in Western Society, something many on both Right and Left are not willing to tolerate.

Anonymous said...

Clare Curran's Stalinist approach to free speech is legendary.

It's actually wonderful to watch. This talentless little non-entity has only one tool in her toolbox:

Suppress those that don't agree with her.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
baxter said...

"Any fool can see there's only a faint passing resemblance to Hitler."

Yeah no moustache!

Shane Pleasance said...

She is the one who kept harking on about broadband access to New Zealanders being a 'basic human right'. Hatstand, but dangerously so.

Deepak said...

This woman is a dumbfuck. She is discovering blogging exactly as a 14 year old girl has discovered facebook. She's blogging at Redalert as if she's having a continuous orgasm. This is the reason she moderates heavily or even ban opponents from Redalert is because it makes her feel important.

Heine said...

Fine effort Adolf. Her idea of free speech is quite frightening. I always save my comments to Red Alert because she either changes them or bans them. And I play nice there.