Thursday, January 27, 2011

Right on Cue......

....... the Herald does its duty for Labour.

The deliberately false and misleading headline is bad enough on its own:-

"...dearer power feared if stakes go"

Hang on a minute! No stakes are going anywhere. The gummint is retaining a controlling 51% plus stake. However it gets worse when Goff opens his mouth.

Labour leader Phil Goff said the proposal was a "recipe for soaring power prices" and foreign ownership of the assets.

Oh dear, Mr Goff. These just happen to be precisely the same state assets which, when controlled by you and Cunliffe just four or five short years ago, ripped New Zealanders off to the tune of $4.5 billion dollars through price gouging and collusion and YOU KEPT THE FUCKING MONEY!

Then he wins the lame award with this gem.

"Mum and dad investors might get the first bite, but they quickly gravitate to the big investors overseas. Everyone knows that."

Funny how that doesn't seem to have happened with Air New Zealand, Mr Goff. Mums and Dads seem pretty happy. They were pretty happy also with Auckland Airport and its large shareholdings by local government -until you and your colleagues interfered and stripped away a couple of billion of their share value just for the sake of your blinkered ideology.

The final demolition is left to non political Sue Chetwin of Consumer NZ.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin agreed with Mr Key's assessment that electricity prices would not increase with partial privatisation.

"The power companies over the past 10 years have been rapacious in putting up their prices and I don't see that making part of the company available for the public to invest in will make much difference there."

However, Ms Chetwin said companies would become more transparent and would have to explain their actions to the public.

Kinda sums it up pretty well really. I like that word 'rapacious.' It accurately describes Goff, Cullen and Clark.

Nobody seems to have noticed but Cunliffe appears not to have given Goff the right script.

"We can unleash state-owned enterprises to create and grow new subsidiaries with private partners and shareholders," he said.

And finally, I hope all those Hammeroids noticed Mr Key quietly foreshadowing further asset sales for next parliamentary term. Hammeroids tend only to notice anything over 120 decibels.

Mr Key said none of the other state-owned enterprises were being considered for sale. However, more sales could be possible in 2014 or after.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the left think high indebtedness to foreign banks is preferable to a minortiy sale of a few assets.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Funny how the left think. Full Stop.

David said...

How stunningly stupid to say it will lead to higher power prices with their track record.
Hopefully some intrepid researcher will find lots of quotes from Goffy when he was promoting selling SOEs.

Anonymous said...

Higher power prices are a given under the ETS.

showmethetaxcut said...

David, it won't make any difference to Goofy what they undercover.

On Nat Rad this morning he said he had learnt the error of his ways and seen the light since his support for asset sales during the 1980s.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Showme, he forgot to tell Cunliffe.

Psycho Milt said...

However, more sales could be possible in 2014 or after.

Well, yes. Us all flying around in airborne rocket cars could be possible in 2014 or after, too - but I wouldn't lay money on it if I were you...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, I'd be happy to put my money up against yours on this one.

Anonymous said...

Rapacious is indeed the correct term when describing energy costs increases under Labour, and into term 1 NACTionMP.
The dominant player is goverment generation, providing over 75% Of generation in NZ. Yet using some devious metholody, despite Conact and Trust Power being minimal suppliers, TVNZ and the Labour lackeys at NZHerald always managed to point the finger at these 2 despite their price rises being a follow the leader.
NZ's power prices are currently 3 times that of NSW (which incidentally has NSW voters livid at the ripoff), something which is unjustifiable even with the ETS. Most of our power is from renewable resources already. The price increases, exacerbated by bullshit bureuacracy being foistered on the industry, resulted in massive cash payments to the previous government, such that electricity became one of their top 3 income streams. SO not only were Labour raping your wage bill, but they were screwing you in more ways that one when you got some action with the light on.
There simply is no need for any price increase in electricity. Why should consumers today pre-pay for generation that is yet to make it to resource management boards?
As for renewing the tranmission lines... what the hell have we been paying lines charges for? There must have been a couple billion collected in these over the past 20 years, so why hasn't the investment been made in renewing the transmission lines over that period.

Effective state monolopies have allowed this charade to go on, and it is time for National to allow proper competition. National could do a lot to decrease the cost of electricity by getting rid of the RMA for everyone else, not just themselves. Then new players would come into the market, and build new generation, and a freer market would ensue, rather than this jumped up govt regulated, quasi-taxed to death bullshit we have today.the New Generation should not be restiricted to expensive production like wind, solar or tidal or inefficient crap production like that.
A coal generation facility in Southland/ coastal south canterbury, and on the Kaipara that was close to coal sources and cooling facilities, and yet easily transmitted to areas of demand/use, should be considered, and the Greenies told to go emigrate to Nth Korea for their idea of utopia.

mawm said...

Adolf - you are sooo...... funny.

How about asking your chum to stop wasteful spending of our money!

It is time for him to get a pair and to stop WFF, interest-free student loans, TOW gravy-train, etc, etc.

He gives with one hand and takes with the other. Remember ETS, EFA, F&S, S59.


Never mind Cunliffe, has anyone told Trevor Mallard?

He made similar statements when he was SOE minister a few years back.

And he sold off a power station.

libertyscott said...

Don't forget Michael Cullen tried to sell 20% of the nationalised Air NZ to Qantas, but was stopped by competition authorities because this windfall for the state would come at the cost of creating domestic, Trans-Tasman and NZ-USA route airline monopolies.

Labour has no shred of credibility on this issue.

WAKE UP said...

How quickly everyone forgets the idiot Bill Bradford and his doings.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes indeed Wake Up

Did you mean Bill Birch or Max Bradford?

Just asking!