Thursday, January 20, 2011


Will Hone get thrown out of the Maori Party?

No. Never.

Tribal politics is a different animal.


Murray said...

Why is there an assumption by all that "Maori politics" should consist of one party and set of ideas only?

Maori are like Jewish scholars, even when left by themselves an individual will produce conflicting arguments.

Expecting all members of a party to toe a "Maori" party line is an act of wild optimism at best as is expecting all Maori politicians to belong to the same party.

WAKE UP said...

The problem is not that Maori have diverse political penchants, it's that whatever they get up to, they still expect the rest of us to toe the Maori line.

Murray said...

And there is another example of someone making statements on "Maori are...".

what a load of bloody bullshit, people are people and dividing them by race is both stupid and dangerous.