Monday, January 17, 2011

P J O'Rourke

What a pleasure it is to read a truly excellent writer. One who uses words deftly, with wit and a clear message. Such is P J O'Rourke - seen here is full flight eviscerating the execrable New York Times.

If you substitute for Liberalism the word Labour, you've got a pretty good handle on the current NZ political scene.

I worry that in the tremors and hysteria of the Times we’re seeing the sad end of liberalism.

Its passing is to be mourned, perhaps most by true conservatives. -Civilization owes a debt to liberal politics. From the Reform Act and the religious emancipation fight of the British Whigs to the American civil rights movement, liberals have in fact held positions on political high ground (though not during Clinton’s exploitation of the Oklahoma City bombing). Liberals have seen government as a force for good, and sometimes it can be. World War II comes to mind. While conservatives have delighted in the free market, liberals have been there to remind us that all freedoms, including market freedoms, entail responsibilities. At the very least it can be said that we conservatives would not be so upright in our ideals if we hadn’t been pushing against liberals.

But liberalism, as personified by the New York Times, became a dotty old aunt sometime during the Johnson administration. She’s provincial, eccentric, and holds dull, peculiar views about the world. Still, she has our fond regard, and we visit her regularly in her nursing home otherwise known as Arts and Leisure and the Book Review. Or we did until Sunday, January 9, when she began spouting obscenities and exposing herself.


Redbaiter said...

"If you substitute for Liberalism the word Labour, you've got a pretty good handle on the current NZ political scene."

Bizarre. Really bizarre.

The Gantt Guy said...

Beat me to it, Red.

Adolf, your comment should have been ... "substitute Liberalism for [any political party in the New Zealand political landscape]..."

It is disingenuous to say the least, to claim any political party in New Zealand is at best Liberal, at worst Progressive. ACT can likely claim status as Liberal, the rest are various flavours of Socialist Progressive.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You guys need to study up a little on the differences between US style 'liberal' and whatever it is you think 'liberal' means here. The one party that is not REMOTELY similar in anyway to the US style so-called 'liberal is ACT.

The Gantt Guy said...

No Adolf, you're probably right. ACT is what a Liberal was before the Progressives stole the term. As for all of the other parties currently in the NZ Parliament ... name 1 that doesn't fit the "liberal" moniker. Your lot certainly look a lot like "new liberals" don't they?

Oh, and for a great report card on your man's performance thus far, I'd suggest this from Dr Muriel Newman:

She says so eloquently what I have been railing about.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Gannt. Maybe that's why she is no longer in power and passes her time screaming uselessly from the sidelines.

The Gantt Guy said...

"screaming uselessly from the sidelines."

I have 3 words for you Adolf:


They may not defeat your messiah's craven pandering to his racist minority partners, but they have certainly slowed down his corrupt process.

Redbaiter said...

The blogs that posture as "right wing" are really just support groups for the limp progressive imposter John Key, the biggest leftist loser to ever lead National.

He might as well merge them with Labour and be done with it. Farrar's no better either. Posturing as a right wing blog when he too is above all just another lame Key supporter.

The battle is between the Progressives and the Conservatives. Pick your side.

RightsaidFred said...

And as we can see from Redbaiters failed blog and lack of support, people have picked their side and it ain't yours Red.

Deal with it.

The Gantt Guy said...

No-No-No Red, for *we* are "centre-right". This means we can sleep fine at night with our BlueLabour, do-anything-to-retain-power agenda. We need not take sides when we can "reach across the aisle".

There are no Conservatives in New Zealand. Not in politics, anyway. They have been successfully weeded out and executed by the grey, soulless, idea-less, pale imitations for "leaders" that now stalk the corridors of power in Wellington.

KG said...

"Failed blog and lack of support"?
Apart from that being demonstrably untrue (no surprise with any comment from RSF) let's have a look at your successful blog and the massive support it enjoys. Got a URL for us?

RightsaidFred said...

Brilliant logic KG, you can find a link to my blog on the homepage of the political party you and Red have founded.

KG said...

Nothing like avoiding the question..'slimeball 101', is it? But then, you've had a lot of practice.:)

RightsaidFred said...

Oh dear KG...maybe someone else will be kind enough to explain it to you when your sober or less old, whichever comes first.

Redbaiter said...

Just the usual POS lowlife leftist scum Keith. Not worth pissing on.