Thursday, January 20, 2011

One sentence to rule them all.

If there was ever a single sentence that summed up everything wrong with NZ, this would be it...

A CYF report into the care received by a girl who suffered "horrific" abuse at the hands of her parents has found no single glaring failure by any of the 12 state agencies involved.

Until we stop demanding the State to solve all our problems, a dozen different ways with zero accountability, then we are on a one way trip to hell.

I didn't even read the rest of the article, but I bet it says that the Government will launch an inquiry.

Why not have 12 bloody inquiries.
Because that seems to be the Government's "solution" to everything.


JC said...

And in the Herald today we have the UN commenting on our "staggering" infant and child mortality figures and lack of child centric legislation.

So how many thousand families would lose access to their kids if we had real legislation that removed them from their at risk situations?

And thats why we wont do anything.


PM of NZ said...

"on a one way trip to hell"

I thought we had already arrived. A long time ago.

MacDoctor said...

Ah , Yes PM. I thought it was a little warm in here.

Shane Pleasance said...

Why bother with the 12 agencies?

Gooner said...

Lou, spot on. And the other thing from the article is this:

The report...found there was "no single glaring failure on the part of any of the agencies involved with the child's family", Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said."

All care, no responsibility.

No one was to blame. It was the system's fault.

I commented over at KG's house when it happened that there will be no culpability, just systemic failure of the system. And I was right.

This on the day the Un say we don't have enough government departments for our children. We have 1.8 million government departments - they're called families.

Anonymous said...

Why should we care what the UN say anyway, in my house the UN is considered corrupt, corrosive and definately cancerous. Anti-family, anti-tradition, anto-morality. Unelected, unaccountable, down-right frightening.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing unusual in these failures. Accountability at a personal level exists only in private enterprise. Its funny that accountability is inversely proportional to authority.

The UN will be in charge shortly but I suspect not for long. Welcome to Helen's world.

WAKE UP said...

1. As a result of my particular career, I have travelled the world, and have lived in a variety of places in New Zealand, over a period of fifty years; my associates, family, acquaintances and friends number in the hundreds, and span the spectrum from the humblest decent bloke (and blokette) to the most elevated in status; and NOT ONE of them is a child abuser. NOT ONE. So who is?

When the UN and its local lackeys find the courage to actually tell it like it is, and name the primitive bastards who are the abusers, then I’ll be right there to help them take care of it. Until then, it is NOT “our” problem.

Liberty said...

Have the 12 agencies been named?

ZenTiger said...

I'm thinking the school, the doctor, the hospital would be three included on the list, alongside CYF and any parties they had referred to.

Because 12 pure child support agencies boggles the mind, and even NZ cannot be that bad, surely?

ZenTiger said...

Wake Up, I agree.

If this is "our" problem, then it's "my" problem.

On that basis, give me unbridled political and statutory power to fix my problem, and believe me, I'll have a bloody good go at it.

But if you (the UN, various commentators) are going to say this is MY problem without giving me any ability to affect the outcome, they can get off their high horses and crawl out of here.