Monday, January 10, 2011


And there it was on TV1 tonght a 'puff piece' incorporating some nobody from the Labour caucus and some drone from the PSA bemoaning the fact that the State Services Commission has reminded Departmental Chief Executives of the provisions of the 90 day employment law.

Shock horror that those entering the public service should be subject to the rules governing employment in the private sector. Give me a break please.

Clearly TV1 has opted to become a mouthpiece for the Opposition. Clearly also to the Veteran and many other thinking New Zealanders TV1 have demonstrated why they should be first in line for privatisation when National wins its second term.

Question is ... who the f**k would want to buy it?


pdm said...

Vet - as we all know TVNZ has long been one of the media mouthpieces of the Labour Party and the unions.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

But where would Labour get it's spin doctors and candidates?

Psycho Milt said...

Yeah, how awful for a news programme to report the views of the govt's opponents! How can a democracy stand under such terrible circumstances?

It's odd, but I don't remember you guys being so outraged at the media reporting opposition viewpoints when it was your side in opposition. Funny how things change, eh?

The Veteran said...

PM ... it is the 'silly season' for the media where manufactured stories are accepted without question and yes, the Opposition has the right to get their point of view across .... but the thrust of this piece was shock horror that so called public servants should be subject to the employment laws that govern normal working people ...

Why is the norm suddenly shock horror?

Answer ... lazy journos looking to fill air time.

Answer ... Sell it.

Anonymous said...

Answer....sell it.

You expect Key to do that? Ha ha ha. He is too scared to even consider it.

Gooner said...

If it was sold and privatised like TV3, do you think that would put an end to "lazy journos looking to fill air time.

I doubt it!

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.48 ... National pledge not to sell State assets only related to its first term.

Come November and read my lips ...
National will move to privatise selected State assets ... and if you were up with the political play you would realise that has been pretty well signalled.

But please feel free to keep on keeping on feeding your paranoia about John Key and don't forget to take your pills.

Gooner ... possibly/probably not but at least they wouldn't be leeching from the public purse.

David said...

Good old Labour, bleating and moaning about something maybe 2% of the population care about.
Still any opportunity to flash your union knickers to el presidente and move up the list.

Redbaiter said...

I think you will find Veteran that very few of National see RNZ as biased and probably even a greater number think they do a good job. They will never do anything about this corrupt organisation, or they would have done it years ago.

Most National Party politicians are completely interchangeable with Labour. Traitors and spineless charlatans, they make a mockery of our democracy when the only path to power they can take is to make themselves as much like the other party as possible. No guts, no ideas, no rhetoric. Just a bunch of lame surrender monkeys.

Redbaiter said...

Sorry TV One.

RNZ same thing anyway.

Heine said...

I agree. Sell it.

No point taxpayers paying for what is essentially a mouthpiece for the Labour Party.

Now we all need to get that nice Mr Key to remember he is the National Party leader and start enforcing some of those beliefs of his.