Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not As Dum As They Thought


Rasmussen confirms CBS results with 58% of Americans and 48 of Democrats calling bullshit on the blood runners and deluded Krugmaniacs.

Readers will have seen the nauseating wall to wall preposterous media commentary seeking falsely to link the Tuscon massacre to Sarah Palin. David Farrar has a pretty good summary here.

For me two points of detail are important. First, the shooter's grudge and assassination plans against the Congresswoman started in 2007, long before anyone outside Alaska had heard of Sarah Palin and second, the devices she used on her map were NOT rifle cross hairs, they were crop markers used in the printing industry.

This is a printer's marker.

This is a rifle cross hair.

Doesn't it remind you of the dumbarse leftist drongos who go on street marches advertising for Mercedes Benz?

Fortunately for America, its population is a lot smarter than the Democrat leadership and its antique media friends. A survey carried out by CBS (hardly the mastermind of Republican Party strategy and spin) has revealed that people have not swallowed the carefully orchestrated lies from the Left.

Of most concern to the spin doctors in Washington will be the news that half their own voters don't believe them either!

A majority of 57% say that politics had nothing to do with the shooting, and even a plurality of 49% of Democrats agree.
This tawdry episode of hypocrisy and misinformation highlights for me all that is wrong with the Left, be it in the USA, Australia or New Zealand. It is not the wrong headed policies that are their worst feature but rather their absolute lack of morals and ethics. Obama, Rudd, Gillard, Clark and Goff are all peas in a pod.

It's no wonder they snuggle up to Islamists. At least the Muslims are honest and admit openly that its OK to tell lies about the opposition if it helps their cause.

By the way, the exception to the rule is Chris Trotter who always states his case fairly and who, to my knowledge, has never engaged in the cheap dishonesty so prevalent everywhere else on the Left.


ZenTiger said...

Are you just trying to wind me up Adolf?

The truth is that the Right does not believe in treating every person as a thinking, feeling, individual with hopes and aspirations to be respected and possibly fulfilled.

Genuine patriotism in the this country has always been the preserve of the Left.

Social peace for a paltry half-million dollars? Strikes me as the most courageous and forgivable kind of corruption."

Right-wing lobby groups: the Sensible Sentencing Trust, Family First, the Free Speech Coalition quoted, feted and funded as if their reactionary gobbets of fear and rage were the products of sage and sober reflection.

-- Chris Trotter.

And this is how he described National voters:

I would ask you to take a closer look at the people you will be joining.

THE COCKIES: Backbone of the nation; earners of our overseas funds; selfish; insular; and possessed of an indefatigable sense of moral superiority over everyone whose front door looks out upon a street instead of a paddock.

These are the people who, heedless of the enormous biosecurity implications, illegally released the rabbit-killing calicivirus into New Zealand - and then laughed at the efforts of the authorities to hunt down the perpetrators.

The people who, when asked to contribute to the cost of scientific research into how we as a nation might control the amount of methane released into the atmosphere by our cows and sheep, refused point-blank to contribute, branded the levy a "Fart Tax", and got away with it.

The people who have aggressively resisted every government effort to secure legally protected rights of way across the countryside, so that all New Zealanders might enjoy the beauty of our wild open spaces, and who, once again, have got away with it.

The people whose dairy herds befoul our rivers and streams. The people who refuse to pay for the pollution they cause. The people who are bending all their powers towards securing control of our nation's water - even as they make it unfit for our children to drink or swim in.

These are the people you will be supporting when you vote National.

And on his post blaming the right wing and average parents for child abuse (Educating Trotter)

His opening paragraphs lay down his premise: All parents are clueless, their skills appalling, and all-wise expert intervention is required, but society has a bad attitude to expertise. He tries to paint the picture of the average parent as degenerate: "never mind that it is parents who are beating toddlers with sticks, belts and electric cords", "Mum - zonked on valium" or "Dad - rampant with Viagra."

--Lest we forget.

ZenTiger said...

Oh, I agreed with the rest of your post! :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with thrust of this but you appear to defend the right because they are less shitty than the left while seeming to forget that shit is still shit no matter how tasty one colour of shit may appear to be relative to another. Until you realise this real progress will be elusive.

ZenTiger said...

No, anon. That is a different issue.

The point of this post is actually to point out the wall to wall preposterous media commentary seeking falsely to link the Tuscon massacre to Sarah Palin.

The progressives paint themselves as above the flaming rhetoric.

To end it, they need to acknowledge they "do it too", because if we don't get that acknowledgment now, in one month they'll claim they never said anything like this, and no-one complained then so why complain now?

Tinman said...

The progressives paint themselves as above the flaming rhetoric.

As of course do the regressives.

While I agree the anti-Palin brigade went over the top on this issue I can see no useful purpose in using lies and half-truths when defending her.

Incidently the only meanings I can find for Dum are as the name of a plant and the title of an Indian moving picture.

Graeme Edgeler said...

Sarah Palin has called them crosshairs.

That said, I quite like it.

Graeme Edgeler said...

Correction: the initial quote from the Palin person defending them was:

"We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights. It was simply cross-hairs like you’d see on maps,” she said, suggesting that it is a “surveyor’s symbol.”"

I also note that my claim that Palin called them "crosshairs" is wrong, rather, in a post-election November tweet she said:

"Remember months ago “bullseye” icon used 2 target the 20 Obamacare-lovin’ incumbent seats? We won 18 out of 20 (90% success rate;T’aint bad)"

stephen said...

The CND symbol is not the same as the Mercedes logo. So,

> Doesn't it remind you of the
> dumbarse leftist drongos who
> go on street marches advertising
> for Mercedes Benz?


KG said...

"The CND symbol is not the same as the Mercedes logo."
It is when retards display the CND symbol upside-down.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Welcome to the ranks of dumbarse drongos, stephen.

Have you not seen the pictures of protesters displaying versions of the merc logo instead of the CND logo?

And no KG, I'm afraid it is not the same just up side down.

Anonymous said...

In another life before hone keys policies made me redundant i used registration marks every day as a tradesman offset printer and in regard to sarah(fucked in the head)palin, if she is the tea parties great hope and if her spin doctors try to warp the truth ,they should drink coffee

Ackers said...

She's history anyway. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Well said Zen Tiger. Left and honesty never sighted. Adolf still filled with Xmas goodwill?

Anonymous said...

sarah palin thought they were pubic hairs,crossed, i heard this on fox

Anonymous said...

what you actually heard were borborigmi, from your own gut in close proximity to your ear, as the case happens to be, when one's head is up one's butt

ZenTiger said...

She's history anyway. Move on.

Just because Sarah isn't your cup of tea, doesn't mean the party is over, Ackers.

WAKE UP said...

Sarah Palin uses the phrase “blood libel” and all hell breaks loose in the mainstream media, but since day one, the Teflon-coated President Obama has been getting away with referring to his political opposition as “enemies”, using rhetoric like “If they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun”, and allowing his Attorney-General Eric Holder to say “America is a nation of cowards”, without criticism. Now he says, disingenuously, “Out of this tragedy, we can come together”.
Far from being a unifier, Obama is the most calculatingly divisive President America has ever elected. As they say, a fish rots from the head down.