Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Political Party

For some time now there has been small but growing strident chorus of dissatisfaction with the strategies of the NACTtionalMP government in its handling of the economy.

The chorus has been led by some longstanding and loyal commenters here at No Minister and has centred on an alleged failure to move quickly enough to slash gummint spending - in particular to cut social welfare benefits and reduce the overall number of public servants. Adolf has engaged from time to time when the mood has taken him but often he has let the jumpers up and down vent their spleen on the grounds that arguments made previously but ignored will continue to be ignored. (Had some of these chaps been around in 1940 they would have had Hitler and Tojo defeated by September 1941.)

These guys have finally decided to get off their soap boxes and put their theories to the test. My my spies tell me a new party is to be formed.

It's to be called the Hammer Party and it's raison d'etre is to hammer the New Zealand economy into shape. The manifesto will include, among others, the following immediate measures:-

  • Abolition of the DPB
  • 20% reduction on the number of core public servants
  • Abolition of unemployment benefits for more than six months in any rolling two year period.
  • Abolition of Working For Families
  • Abolition of interest free student loans
  • Immediate sale of TVNZ and Radio NZ
  • Sale of mining licenses for parts of the DOC estate
  • Repeal of the ETS
  • Generous taxation breaks and other incentives for the establishment of one or more nuclear power stations.
  • Disbanding of at least thirty Gummint 'Commissions' including the Race Relations, Children's and Families commissions.
  • Sale of the gummint's shares in Air New Zealand
  • Progressive sale of Landcorp's commercial farming properties.
  • Partial float of all other gummint commercial operations at the earliest opportunity.
  • Disbanding of the Waitangi Tribunal over five years.
  • A 40% reduction for tertiary education funding.
There are a number of policies in this list which, in principle, Adolf could support. He expects to see some of them flagged by the National Party in the forthcoming campaign.

But principle is only half of the battle. Staying in power long enough to implement one's policies without doing serious and lasting damage is the other half.

It may not have escaped the notice of our more alert readers that within a very short time the membership of the new Hammer Party will be described widely as - you've guessed it - The Hammeroids.


Anonymous said...

Another right wing cult. Bring it on. Ian

The Gantt Guy said...

Adolf, thanks for proving once again that you just...don' The Right are upset not that he hasn't done everything on your list, but that he hasn't done anything on it. And a number of things he's done instead, he simply didn't need to. One example even you may be able to understand: how easy would it have been for Key, immediately on taking office, to have said "Jeez folks we're in a bit of a pickle. We're in a deep recession and the last lot have bought a train set we didn't need or want. We can't afford an ETS for now and we'll look at it when times are a bit better."

He has squandered the once-in-a-century opportunity to start (note, start) a fundamental transformation of New Zealand both economically and culturally.

So no. I am not a John Key fanboy. He is not my Messiah. His failure to do (or at least start) any of the items on your list, his failure to appoint a Finance Minister with any knowledge of, you know, finance. His failure to deal with so much dead-wood in the cabinet (Nick Smith, anyone). All of those are the reasons why he is the subject of so much bile and derision from the Right.

But as usual, I'm wasting my energy responding to you because he is your Messiah. "Just give him one more election boys, then stand back and be amazed!"

Anonymous said...

So Adolf - you think it is acceptable as part of a long term programme that instead of cutting unaffordable/unsustainable government spending (as promised), the Nactional MP Government are now spending more than Liabour, and borrowing $300m a week to fund it?

There is a difference between being populist and sticking to your principles.

As previously noted you are yet another victim of Clarkulas Goebellesque propaganda. You can do the right thing and be re-elected. History has shown when the Lange Douglas government made the tough calls in their first term (thinking they were only going to be a one term government because of the mess left by Muldoon), they were re-elected with an increased majority. All it takes is a level of honesty that is missing in todays politics.


Lou Taylor said...

Politicians always have great plans and promises for "next year".
The problem is that "next year" never arrives.
They govern the status quo because that's what keeps them in a job.
Eventually when the status quo becomes unsustainable the politicians will simply shrug their shoulders and be no where to be seen.
The missed opportunity to start reforming how we govern ourselves will cost us very dearly in the long run.

pdm said...

I think you missed Repeal of the smacking legislation - after all there is a clear mandate for that.

The Gantt Guy said...


"They govern the status quo because that's what keeps them in a job.
Eventually when the status quo becomes unsustainable"

That, in 1 (and a bit) sentences, is the evil of ratchet socialism described for even the dimmest of bulbs to understand.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So when are you holding your first party conference?

Tinman said...

So, basically a party with the same agenda as pre-Rodney ACT.

Ackers said...

The dumb and dumber party!

40% reduction in spending on tertiary education should do it.

Where's the tax cuts for the rich?

We know from experience that's the only way to fix deficits!

Lou Taylor said...

Adolf, I doubt if there will be a new party for the simple reason that the people who would support it have long since reached the conclusion that there is no point.

Better to spend your time and effort securing your own future than waste your time on futile politics.

For national/Labour supporters the best they can hope for is that by some miracle, the eventual drop in their standard of living will not be too painful.

Lou Taylor said...

Ackers, unfortunately we already have the Dumb and Dumber parties. But they are normally known by their more common names - National and Labour.

Lou Taylor said...

Which is which depends on what side of some mythical fence you sit on.The fence existed once but those days are long gone.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. Looking at the world does anyone think the we can keep on doing what we do? We are no longer productive economies (service industries are just money go round and not really productive). Maybe we simply can't live the way we do. I think these slash solutions, while sensible ideas in part, are not the whole answer if the cycle of boom and bust but general trending decline is to broken.

You will never find the answer in politics as its a fundamentally dishonest business.

Redbaiter said...

Gantt Guy is right. Key missed big opportunities to do what should be done, and what would have been done if he had ever possessed an ounce of political nouse.

He's just a boy who wants a great looking CV. Its time Adolf that you and other adults stopped gushing over him in the way that teenage girls gush over the latest little dumbfuck pop star and start holding the useless sucker Key and his equally useless acolytes to account.

Things are happening in this country that are far to important to take second place to the personal ambitions of some weak leftist poseur.

Anonymous said...

And what are you doing about it Red, seeing as your 10 year internet warrior campaign has failed and only made you an object of mockery, derision and pity...

Must be time for a change, wonder what stage two of Reds campaign will entail, maybe setting up an anti national page on facebook?

Redbaiter said...

"Must be time for a change, wonder what stage two of Reds campaign will entail,"

I've already detailed that Taxi Graeme. Its exposing posturing cowards like you who post under numerous nicks all over the web and while they carry out such cowardly and deceitful actions, pass themselves off as right wingers. My objective for the next ten years is to ensure that snivelling yellow scum like you are seen for the poseurs and enablers you really are. And so far its working well.

Anonymous said...

Keep livin the dream red, livin the dream, lmfao.

Redbaiter said...


Yeah sure you are you fucking smarmy smug idiot. That's why there's an army of commies like you out there with no other objective in their miserable lives but to discredit Redbaiter. Fuck off loser, you ain't fooling anybody.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad policy platform for any party, old or new.

Pity the article is just a long winded and lame attempt at humour. What a punch line. Tremendous humour there old son. Not.

Brevity is the essence of wit Adolf.

In the meantime, let others do the jokes.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Redbaiter said...

Adolf, why do you put up with these fuckwits destroying your site? Here you are, you made a great post, the comments are all going well, and then the yellowback Big Bruv turns up in yet another of his multiple personas, and MNIJ is there in his Judge Holden persona, and all they've got is naked hate and off topic comments, and the thread turns to shit.

That is the trouble with you so called right wingers. You're too ready to give those who would enslave you the means to do it. You need to get rid of these communist scum and get the country back on track, and you won't do that by pretending they're human. They're animals, and we do not need to give them any voice on our blogs.

Worse, you remain silent, like a stunned mullet, while they attack, just like the spineless arseholes in the Republican party refuse to support Sarah Palin, and leave her out there dealing with naked left wing hate.

That is how the left do it, this is how they have managed to defeat you for the last five decades, and you so called right wingers are too mentally limp, too old, too tired and too damn stupid in many cases to fight them.

You're as pathetic as they are.

RightsaidFred said...

Actually Red it was you who started out with the insults, comparing Adolph to a naive dumb teenager gushing over a popstar.

Basically what your saying is it's freedom of speech when you insult Adolph on his blog, but when the insults start coming your way you want him to jump in and protect you.

Nice one Red.

Redbaiter said...

You're just another cowardly piece of communist shit I wouldn't give the time of day to, and you've never made a comment here that wasn't an attack on another poster or one that was on topic.

RightsaidFred said...

Must be high iron concentrations in the water supply down Tauranga ways.

That was rich.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Red, You are sailing close to the wind. Sludge was banned for coming into my house and shitting on the floor. That's code for denigrating your blog host.

Redbaiter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Happy Holidays Red.

Heine said...

So, in essence what we have is a very long confession from Adolf.

National don't want to do anything on this list as it may mean they will lose support.

Nice work. I guess the old saying about National is true, they are only there to keep Labour out of power. Nothing more and nothing less.

Bogusnews said...

I really like that list and in theory, if we had a government with balls it could be very quickly implemented.

What I like the most about it is the fundamental change it would cause to peoples attitudes. How nice it would be to have NZ'ers relying on their own abilities rather than jingling a cup under the governments nose.

Having had a number of conversations with colleagues who have moved overseas and temporarily come back, the recurring theme is how woosy we are. How scared we seem to be to do things by ourselves without a government safety net under us.

All of them can't wait to get the heck out of here back to the real world.

So here here. That's a good list. Unfortunately I doubt it will happen in the foreseeable however.

Heine said...

Sad thing Bogusnews is that you're right - but history shows that Labour performed better than National in making inroads on this list.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

See you in a week or so, Red. enjoy the weather.

The Gantt Guy said...

Heine: "National don't want to do anything on this list as it may mean they will lose support."

You're wrong. Wrong wrong wrong, and the Putin of your Party proves it. The Lange/Douglas government made tough decisions. Much tougher than the soft-cock nonsense that Adolf has listed here. And they were re-elected with an increased majority.

The reason BlueLabour won't do anything on this list. Not this term, next term or in a thousand years, is because they are more ideologically aligned with the Liarbore and the troughing scumbags who collect a welfare cheque each week than with hard-working productive kiwis. Sadly, thanks to the commie lesbian, pretty much everyone is now a troughing scumbag who collects a welfare cheque.

The two saddest things I see about the New Zealand political landscape are (1) that ACT are a shadow of their former selves and (2) there is no difference between the Red team and the Blue team.

In a term or two Mr Smiley-Wavey will get bored and leave, and what then? Hand over to Bill English again? Excellent! The 2014 or 2017 elections will have National back at 29% and Andrew Little Prime Minister. The good ship NZ back on course for socialist utopia!

Heine said...

Couldn't agree with you any more GGuy. What I meant was that the thought that they would lose support is playing in the head of Key and co.

I blogged about this myself. Unimpressed that these are off the table... and that we get more empty promises that they may magcally appear in term two.

DS said...

Key NEVER promised to do all these things, it was not the platform he was elected on. Vote for someone else if you don't like it. Stop moaning.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're on to it, DS!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BB, I don't consider RB to be a moron. Morons are people who come onto blogsites and print what they think are the real names of people who use pseudonyms.

So, you can take a week off too, old chap. Learn some manners.

Heine said...

DS, I didn't say that. Key was elected because he was the leader of the National Party. The National Party used to stand for less nanny statism, privatisation and much lower taxes amongst other good right wing policies.

When they showed their pink tinges before the 08 election (anti smacking, WFF) we were told to not worry about it. If John key loses his job at this election what is is legacy going to be?

A heap more debt and the promise of a cycle track.