Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Swing Than Glenn Miller

Tim Southee, that is.

I swear the first ball he bowled moved three feet across the pitch before it landed.

The stadium was EMPTY!!!


alex Masterley said...

See my comments at I2's place.

Swallows & summers etc.

appro pos nothing - cable bay chardonnay = very toothsome.

pdm said...

I have been saying for two years or more that Southee is the man we must build our attack round. Bracewell and co messed him around and now Wright is ging him regular game time the results are starting to come through.

Remember the Great Sir Richard Hadlee - he was about 25 when he finally got it altogether. Southee is 22 I think and the potential has been obvious since he starred in an under 20 International competition in India when he was about 17.

Inventory2 said...

Southee certainly had the ball on a string yesterday, and Bennett looked decidedly handy; it's a while since we've had a bowler getting it through at 140k+. If Allan Donald can keep those two injury-free, and impart some of the dark arts of quick bowling, all may not be lost.

The saddest part of the day wasn't the crowd, but the question that must be asked in the aftermath. Were the Black Caps that good, or were the Pakistanis lining their pockets?

The Veteran said...

good question iv2

MikeG said...

What about that innings by Ryder? He even ran at least one 3!

Anonymous said...

yes and the fat bastard took a blinding catch.....adolf....are you there?

Anonymous said...

FUck the bribe was in around 100 runs lossing fuck do you lot REALLY think we bet the pakis, fuck drink more wine in the next game we are doomed to lose, the paki /narg bookies have us all out by 160
The SLACK caps are still the SLACK caps so dont get excited Crap is still crap

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "beat" the Pakis.

You're a poster boy for NCEA aren't you?

No no-balls in either innings at all, Inventory. Legit win perhaps?