Saturday, January 29, 2011

'kin Oaf

Jacob Oram, that is

Ran out the last remaining run maker and then proceeded to stuff around like the old chook he is.

The Slack Caps have made six runs in the three overs since Oram ensured their defeat.

What is it with our selectors? Do they not understand that old goats are old goats?

Oram should have been sent off to play rounders two years ago.


Dismal dorks

New Zealand 217/8 (43.4 ov)


pdm said...

I don't agree with you here Adolf.

A fully fit (and I admit he is a hypochondriac at times) is a match winner. However history shows he does best when given time to get settled into an innings. He should be batting at five.

When getting into batsmen - 20/20 brain Ross Taylor lets us down yet again. That is where your jibe should be pointed.

pdm said...

Ooops - missing after the brackets is Oram.

BTW looks on cricinf as if McCullum ran himself out - ball played to backward point is his call.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Oram has been assigned 'minders' whos primary task is keeping him away from an office desk- paper cuts are painful & as he is a big sook, Oram will no doubt paper cut himself & be out for 2 weeks. He is the biggest girl ever to play for the blackcraps- he should have stuck with soccer like all the other girls.