Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hooray Hone

Many New Zealanders will not know that in Northland the word 'hooray' is used instead of good bye or see you later. It is a cheerful farewell.

The Maori Party will be well shot of this idiot Hone Harawira and his despicable family of thugs and bludgers. They might well say "Hooray Hone" but they will be thinking 'Haere ko e ki te tiko e Hone' which is roughly but not literally equivalent to 'Fuck off Hone.' For a timely reminder of reality, read this account from comments over at Kiwiblog. See Christopher Thomson 3:16. This disgusting revalation should be front page in every daily paper.

Strangely over these past few fascinating days, none of the nation's political commentators seems to have given any thought to what might follow the black motherfucker's ejection from the Maori Party. All I can find is some pretty skin deep commentary on his chances of winning a leadership battle.

So, for what it's worth, let's have a go.

Maori Party Leadership

I don't think for one minute John Hatfield has a shit's show in hell of taking the leadership.

No matter how many supporters he or the media thinks he might have, the world has moved on from the days of the hikoi when that cancerous and corrosive coward Clark failed to show. More and more young Maori outside Northland are moving away from the 'victim' mentality and are doing well - entering mainstream New Zealand's middle class. Not for them the rabble rousing of Harawira, Piripi, Mutu and Co.

These are the people who are making good under their own steam and these are the people, oddly enough, without whom the Maori Party would never have been formed. Most importantly, they are a growing demographic and they will back Turia and Sharples all the way.

Astute observers of Maoridom will realise that most of the ratbags and stirrers come from Northland while the big money and real power lies with the southern tribes. There is no love down south for Ngapuhi and the big business interests of Tainui, Ngati Porou, Te Arawa, Ngai Tahu and others will not want to go within a bulls roar of the rotten to the core Harawira family. Iwi business interests have an enormous stake in the success of the Maori Party as evinced by Tainui's public interest in acquiring a stake in one or more of the SOEs flagged by PM Key for partial sell down. Harawira's presence or even proximity will not enhance their business interests.

So, all in all, I expect there will be widespread and solid support for the Maori Party when it throws the loser out in a few days time.

What Then?

All I have seen in the media thus far are a few people running the line that Harawira will romp home in Tai Tokerau. So what if he does? He'll be on his own with the rest of his ratbags, left to lament and curse from the sidelines. (By the way, I'm far from convinced that he would actually win in the event the Maori Party puts up a high quality, reputable candidate against him. He may well have overwhelming support as an independent among the swamp dwellers of Awanui but he might find it's a different story in the real world south of Kaikohe.)

The Maori Party will continue on with maybe one less seat than it holds now. The gummint will continue to govern.

Best of all, Labour will have to come out and publicly endorse this ratbag as well as the better dressed, smoother but equally loathsome and contemptible ratbag from the North, Peters.

What if Harawira Wins The Leadership?

In that unlikely event, you could expect an immediate and successful move to garner support from 75% of MPs for the abolition of the Maori seats. I don't think the majority of Maori Party members are silly enough to risk precipitating such a move.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I forgot to mention today's Herald spews out unquestioned Shane Jones poisoned press release.

This professional wanker has been desperately and unsuccessfully trying to take down the Maori Party ever since its inception.

Now, I wonder how someone like John Tamihere might shape up as a candidate in Tai Tokerau?

pdm said...

Adolf excuse me for asking but are we now allowed to use Winston Firsts name again on this blog.

It was barred in 2009 and 2010.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Errrrr, NO

Anonymous said...

"Iwi business interests have an enormous stake in the success of the Maori Party as evinced by Tainui's public interest in acquiring a stake in one or more of the SOEs flagged by PM Key for partial sell down. Harawira's presence or even proximity will not enhance their business interests."

Huh? If SOE shares are made available for the public to purchase then iwi can bid for them like anyone else and if successful then pay for them like anyone else.
Why should they need the MP or any political support for this?
But, of course, we will see all sorts of preferential treatment of these interests. I can only guess but the TOW will be waved around, first option for purchase, a quota reserved for iwi only, govt. loans for the purchase,....etc.
What you can be sure of is that our quisling PM and his party of turncoats will not waste the opportunity to hand over as much of the property of NZers to these parasites as they can get away with.

The Gantt Guy said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gannt, enjoy your week off.

Anon - I think you are a bit quick off the mark. Does it not occur to you that Harawira would be opposed to any such sale whereas the MP has more common sense?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oy, I forgot.

Don't come posting comments under your other blog pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

National do not need MP votes to have enough support to sell shares in any SOE. ACT + Dunne give them a majority.