Sunday, January 30, 2011

Herald on John Key

An unnamed Herald on Sunday editorialist has something to say about PM John Key.

Hammeroids should not use the link. It will induce stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Key's state of the nation speech, in which he announced plans to partially privatise some state assets, was much bolder than anyone predicted. It was always likely the Nats would look to a sell-off eventually, but it has come quicker than most picked.

Then 'most' must be pretty dim witted. There have been enough signals over the past year for even the most blinkered reporter to work out that National will want to spend a good few months bringing the electorate on board. There needs to be a little time also for the public to see though the hypocrisy and lies of the loud mouthed anti sell down political and media cabal.

It still deserves, though, to be rated a bold move.

With an election to be held this year, Key has put everything on the line and given Labour a key point of difference that Phil Goff will no doubt be relishing.

Well, actually he's given National a clear point of difference which Labour will be hating.

National = careful, prudent financial management aimed at reduction of unsustainable debt levels.
Labour = more spending, more taxes and more debt with credit downgrades and higher costs of servicing.

Key's transparency is to be applauded. He said he would not sell off assets without the voters having their say, and they will get it, likely in November.

It is also heartening to see the Government doing something to put the brakes on its borrowing and to stimulate the moribund economy. Apart from the long overdue reining in of state sector costs, National has until now appeared to be indecisive and lacking ideas on how to help spark a recovery.

Did the Hammeroids seriously believe good and reliable policy can be plucked out of this air? That's the Labour way. Note Goff's half arsed and ill considered outburst a week or so ago. It takes time and careful research to establish good policy.

Adolf needs to remind readers that (a) the current NACTionalMP administration is still little more than two short years into its term; (b) all good things come to those who wait and (c) be ready for more new policy over the next six months or so.

Key's personal rating, however, should have been enhanced by the moves this week. He has been a populist leader so far in his first term and has been reluctant to rock the boat.

We have now seen strong, decisive leadership. That, more than the sales themselves, should be the most comforting aspect of the political week.

And that's the real killer for Labour. Everybody across the whole political and media spectrum has misunderestimated the PM. From the Labour stooges at The Standard to the shouters of the Right. Suddenly and to their obvious surprise, their sneering 'smile and wave' sobriquet has become 'strong and decisive'.

I wonder now for whom the Hammeroids will vote in November?

There are early signs of one or two realising they have no better home than National or ACT. Will the others simply stay away and sulk on election day?


PM of NZ said...

"Did the Hammeroids seriously believe good and reliable policy can be plucked out of this air?"

Damned right Adolf!

NACTional had a wasted decade in opposition to formulate and express such policy. And be ready with action and the corresponding narrative immediately upon taking the reins.

Should have happened two years ago , decimating the lefties and communists newly occupying the opposition benches.

The Gantt Guy said...

Really Adolf? You really going to try and claim it took 2 years for your messiah and his right-hand English to come up with this plan? You said yourself it's been signalled for some time. Are you really gonna claim it's a Chamberlain/English policy? Come off it mate. It's a Douglas policy or a Brash policy or a Richardson policy. English doesn't have the good sense God gave a sack of hammers. There's no way he came up with this on his own.

Incidentally, at the moment I'm waiting to see ACT's line-up. I already think they're about the only party with a plan that doesn't result in NZ going tits-up and running to the UN or IMF for bailout money, so if they do something sensible with their List they will secure my vote. Otherwise I will join KG and the other sensible folk at Crusader Rabbit and simply boycott, long & loud. I will again vote for your messiah when the devil ice-skates to work of a morning.

Anonymous said...


If a political party is going to be a manager of socialism, I'd rather have real socialists doing it than the faux ones of ACT and National. I think if I bother voting, it will be for Labour.

What is a Hammeroid? One of these fullas?

Charmaine said...

Well this "Hammeroid" is definently looking at the CR option of boycott as I am really unhappy about the slow creep of debt my daughter (who is 5) will be paying so the likes of us could continue the party.

Adolf you are really becoming as bad as the guys at the standard, yes we are not happy about the pace of reform but making us the that really wise??

Psycho Milt said...

We have now seen strong, decisive leadership.

Apart from wishful thinking on the part of the HoS editor, what explains this view? It's not obvious how offering to gingerly dip a toe in the water of asset sales as long as we don't vote him out of office later this year constitutes "strong, decisive leadership."

Anonymous said...

Pull the other one Adolf. All that the Nats have done is ask Treasury for advice on the merits and viability of the proposal. At the moment it's just a fucking pie-in-the-sky idea, much like the fucken cycleway. Key doesn't need Treasury advice, he just needs to announce that's what National is going to do; and then fucken get on with it. This will turn out the same as the mining in parks proposal that the useless Nats got too scared when Robyn fucking Malcolm got involved. Mark my words this won't go ahead.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

PM of NZ, no doubt you would have put the troops ashore at the Pas de Calais in 1943.

Charmaine, you made yourselves the enemy when you started carping on about 'Neville Key' and 'Smile and Wave' and 'Labour Lite.' You crated shit so now you can stew in it.

I would remind you of your friends in ACT who foolishly thought they could do themselves some favours by using a remarkably stupid slogan against National.

Do you remember it?

"We'll keep the bastards honest."

At the time they were seeking to have National go easy on Epsom

No wonder you people are polling less than 2%.

Charmaine said...

Adolf I would like you to have the guts to say that to my face.

As it happens I am not a member of any political party but in the past have worked for Nat HQ. Sorry no card carrying ACT member here just a right wing voter.

However I do really take issue with your name calling as it is making you look as childish as the standard writers. Sorry to have raised your boold pressure but name calling just dilutes your message.

Would also say the same to Lou.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Just in case you didn't notice, I just said it to your face.


John Key's proposals are very timid and mild.
But considering the hysteria we have seen over his very modest proposals, his caution is justified.
I see myself with one foot in the Hammeroid camp and one in Adolf's.
I would like to see faster reform too.
But it will only happen if you can take the people with you.
Arguing among ourselves will only help Liarbour.

I think National could have been bolder in its first term, but look how Obama's radicalism cost him much cupport and control of the senate.
If Key pushes too fast, he will only galvanise the Liarbour opposition.
This is the dilemma we face.

Anonymous said...

"Look how Obama's radicalism cost him much cupport (sic) and control of the senate.

Democrats still hold the senate, retard. What's cupport? At least you put the apostrophe in the right place.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. It will look good on the balance sheet for 5 minutes and siphon off funds that could have been reinvested in technology. He's doing nowt about the govt's fundmental problem of spending more than we earn.

Anonymous said...

"we earn"

Sorry, that should be "it pinches".

Anonymous said...

Doesn;t the title of the editorial just say it all. Mr Popular. The rest is insubstantial, and there is no decisivve leadership. More like testing the wind, as usual. A boring piece of writing, a bootlicker journo.