Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ginga hair.

Adolf's post is all good but misses the most startling part of Goff's performance today.
He is sporting a new ginger barnet.
Why on earth would you go ranga when succumbing to vanity?


showmethetaxcut said...

When you are as desperate as Goofy, you will try anything no matter how goofy it might be.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The funniest aspect of this episode is Goff's insistence that he wouldn't answer the question about whether he had dyed his hair unless the media asked the same question of John Key. Ta. Quick flick over to Key's response which went something like the stuff that isn't falling out is his own colour. Goff looked even stupider.

Monty said...

I suppose the reason he went Ginga is two fold
1. Goof wants to be Son of Helen Clark (Move over Dazza)
2. It would be a bit obvious if he went and tried to look exactly like Helen Clark (the only his popularity would increase)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Can we expect his voice to deepen as his hair darkens? Is he deep and dark?

Simon said...

I think Silvio Berlusconi uses the same colour.

Anonymous said...

He looked better with his silver-brown hair. Lots of protesters at the do, with very tacky signs on display. Where were all the real supporters?

pdm said...

`Where were the Labour supporters'.

Well David was busy preparing his new leaders speech.
Shane might have just tuned into a Sky Channell 77 or 78 is it.
Parekura was at KFC and Pizza Hut next door getting his smoko.
Annette was checking the moon cycles.
Trevor didn't know where he was or if he was for or against.

Andrew was trying to decide which hat to wear.

And the rest just couldn't be bothered.