Saturday, January 22, 2011

Education 'Humphreys' Smacked Down

The much maligned and derided Anne Tolley has delivered a stinging rebuke to the leftist mandarins planted in the Education Ministry by the previous devious Labour administration.

Ms Tolley has put an end to speculation over whether Grammar's decision to have the majority of its Year 11 students sit Cambridge International Exams instead of NCEA is legal.

Questions were raised this week over whether Grammar was breaching the Education Act which says schools must offer a "nationally and internationally recognised qualifications system", such as NCEA.

The ministry has said the Cambridge exams do not meet that requirement as they are not nationally recognised.

But Ms Tolley disagrees, saying they are accepted by all universities.

She says that the Auckland school is offering NCEA to those who want it, even though it will be only a handful of Year 11 students.

Yes Minister, well done.

You've just earned National a couple more points in the next Roy Morgan poll. Why even the Hammeroids might have to admit Labour could never in a million years allowed such a terrible intrusion on state control.

This is the minister who has been falsely painted by Labour and its media friends as weak. Doesn't look particularly weak to me!

Lets have more of the same common sense please.


Gooner said...

Oh what tosh Adolf!

The Minister hasn't actually done anything to allow a "terrible intrusion on state control". The only thing she has done is issue a press statement.

NCEA was started by National in about 1997. Nothing since then has prevented schools undertaking other exams.

What this announcement really says is that schools should be able to choose their own examination system and parents can look at that and decide whether to send their kids to that school.

That's a derivitave of school choice; something the ACT Party has been pushing for years, and years, and years.

So this is an ACT policy being implemented by National. I'm not complaining about that.

robertguyton said...

Education Minister contradicts own ministry!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gooner, hardly tosh, I think.

It would seem there are people within the ministry who think schools should be prevented from undertaking other exams and the minister has put them firmly in their place.

Heine said...

Didn't know Tolley was the leader of the National Party.

Well done for one minister to stand up for Nationals true values. ACT supporters are clapping quietly for this sudden backbone growth... just in time for election year :)

Gooner said...

Adolf, okay, I'm with you on that.

Psycho Milt said...

To put it more accurately:

1. Education ministry correctly interprets the govt's own foolish edicts.

2. Incompetent thicko Minister of Education, Anne Tolley, rather than look at how she's caused this situation and correcting it, contradicts her own ministry in the media.

3. Public left boggling (yet again) at the level of incompetence Tolley achieves.

Anonymous said...

Psycho Milt is what makes this blog worth visiting. Ian

Anonymous said...

Coud Tolleys " improvement" be due to the fact that a certain staff member resigned and was replaced?

Anonymous said...

Good picture of our leaders???
You get what you voted for:-( Not what i wanted idiot SUCKER

Andrew Carrot said...

AGS was sure of it's status 12 months ago. Wisely, the Board sought an opinion from the MoE. The mandarins never responded! Ironically, Tolley's position was based on a reversal of advice previously received from the MoE. Seems prior to the reassessment of its position, the MoE had been unaware of the options provided by its own legislation. The immediate "not allowed" reaction clearly indicated the mind-set of the education erks in Wellington.