Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Day Out II

Big Day Out at Ratana again.

Ticket cost to taxpayers

Only a lousy $2,700,000 , plus limos and probably a pork lunch.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's the profit's birthday. Passing the collection plate around taxpayers again. So much for the separation of church and state.

Inventory2 said...

Lou; have you even driven out to Ratana? The standard of housing there is abysmal. It's money well spent IMHO if it produces better health and social outcomes.

Anonymous said...

"it's money well spent..." if it buys some votes. The Ratana Church should stop giving blow jobs to politicians and, say, do something 'churchly', like condemn child abuse. Wait...child abuse is just another Maori post-colonialism stress disorder.

Lou Taylor said...

Haven't been to Ratana IV but I can imagine. I guess that makes us idiots for maintaining our houses with our own money.

Anonymous said...

Pork Barrelling along...

"$2.7 million to provide basic essential repairs, insulation and efficient heating for around 100 homes. "

2.7 Million for 100 homes? Basic repairs? Insulation, efficient heating?

Why the hell am I paying to do these "essential repairs" on my home myself?

What must I do to get some money from that nice Mr. Brownlee for more insulation, or some better heating.

Oh wait, you mean I just have to become Maori and join the Ratana church?



David said...

I am quite new to NZ having only been here for 23 years but what the hell is the Ratna Church. Is it like the exclusive bretheren but vote a different way ?
Why would the leader want the flock to vote for Labour who are unlikely to see the treasuray benches for another 7 years ?

David said...

And seeing as more Maori voters ticked National on the party vote last election, considering Labour have never delivered anything wasnt it a dumb instruction ?
Wasnt it Doug Graham that settled all the treaty claims and introduced that odd Maori language education system ?

David said...

Aside from assuming that all Maoris will vote for Labour what the hell have they ever delivered aside from lots of welfare ? They settled 2 treaty claims in 9 years and Clark labelled them haters and wrecker while she nailed them with her legislation ?

David said...

I arrived here and was stunned with the racism, but then the constant hand outs and grievence thing leaves one somewhat jaundiced. Key extended an olive branch and I thought brilliant lets get things sorted and move on as a country until Hone popped up and well to be honest fuck them and their child abusing ways.
Never thought I could be racist having grown up in the East end of London where white people are the minority but I have had enough of the handout while you have stats that would make most african countries blush.