Friday, December 31, 2010


Yes I know he grew up in a home where a portrait of 'Uncle Joe' beamed benignly down giving hope and vision of a new world order where everyone worked cooperatively for the good of the State (and where dissenters got free all expenses paid holidays to somewhere in Siberia).

And yes I know he is on the public record as an apologist for the genocidal maniac Pol Pot as the best thing to happen to Cambodia since unpolished rice.

So why am I surprised when Keith Locke parrots the ritual left wing condemnation of the SAS involved in the Kabul operation. Bugger the facts still to emerge. Just stick the boot as a Pavlovian response nurtured by a visceral hatred of anything the western allies might do in order to bring sanity to that unfortunate country.

Keith, war is shitty. People get hurt. That is the nature of the business. But highly trained and disciplined soldiers act within the rules of engagement as laid down and I for one support them 100% in doing just that.

They have my respect. Keith Locke, communist bred and nurtured and successfully infiltrated into the Greens certainly does not.


Anonymous said...

I think its good to have people like Keith about and visible - it keeps our guard up and limits the Greens. I confess I do agree with him from time to time.

His downfall is that he speaks with a forked tongue in that he would dismantle our life style in the name of incrasing freedom and independance as part of a cunning plan to remove freedom and change dependence. He's a good politician so cannot be trusted.

The Realist said...

The Bastard would sing "The Red Flag" in our parliament like the rest of his Socialist mates. Spot on, Veteran