Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why I Don't Watch TVNZ or TV3

Today Stuff reports on an idiotic incident aboard the inter island ferry.

A devout Jew was preparing himself for daily prayers, the way devout Jews do.

Some dumbarse Kiwi reported to the ship's skipper that the Jew was about to detonate a bomb.

TV3 embellished the story:-
An Israeli man was being spoken to police at Picton police station this afternoon after the incident, which was being played down by police.

TV3 earlier reported that the Kaitaki Interislander ferry's captain had been taken hostage by a man in possession of explosives and possibly a gun.

What else needs to be said?

Fuckwits making up news for fuckwits.


Anonymous said...

this is NZ what if a male or female was fucking the same/sameSEX women sex with tougne.boring um i can link you to sites of goats having SEX

WAKE UP said...

The perfidy of the media aside, dare I suggest that the "devout" of ANY "devotion" keep their bloody "devout" "devotions" PRIVATE ?

The ferry is a business space, no different to the foyer of an office block, or the aisle of a bus.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wake Up

''different FROM' if you don't mind.

Actually, it's a public place, not a business place and if people want to pray in public, I'm not aware of any law prohibiting them from doing so, apart from perhaps those of Iran or Saudi Arabia.

When are you moving there?

WAKE UP said...

It is a gross invasion of other people's space to perform any essentially personal act in a public space (and I repeat: in this case, the ferry is not even that - it's no different to the aisle of a bus or train, and I'll be damned if you're going to start bowing to Mecca, or any other damn thing like that, there either.)

Writ large or small, the principle remains the same. You just don't fucking DO it. Like building a mosque at Ground Zero.

ps: 'different from' is different to/FROM 'different to' - or, if you wish, 'different to' is different from/TO 'different from'


What's got into you these days Adolf? Haven't you read ANY of my previous posts? No wonder KG wants you off CR.