Monday, December 27, 2010

They Batted Like New Zealanders

Adolf and Gooner settled down yesterday over a couple of beers and Christmas Day left overs to watch the first session of the Boxing Day test.

What a remarkable two hours of cricket. Australia's batsmen simply threw away the match and the series.

Adolf watched for an hour or so before stumps and offers the following observations.

  • The game was over on the first day. This time there will be no come back.
  • The Aussie batsmen played like New Zealanders. They flailed at everything off the stumps and paid the price.
  • Adolf wondered during the first session whether the Australians realised they were in a Test Match
  • The Pommy bowlers, particularly Anderson, were superb.
  • The Pommy batsmen (batters are for baseball) let all the high risk balls go through to the keeper. That's why they have lost no wickets.
  • Australia's bowlers ranged from mediocre to just plain bloody awful with Johnston and Harris both hurling the ball down yards from the batsmen and the extreme reach of acrobatic keeper Haddin, gifting the Poms with eight runs.
  • Ponting's field placings were puzzling. With seam bowlers operating, at one stage early on he had only two slips with men on the boundary. The Poms clearly were not in the mood for hook and pull shots. Ponting thought he was bowling against Australians.
  • The umpires are blind. How you could miss an edge that was thicker than a Labour Party blogger is beyond me. And why on earth were those two free boundaries from Johnston and Harris adjudged byes? They were wides by a country mile.
  • An hour and a half from stumps, the stands were nearly empty. Earlier in the day they held 84,000 people. It looked as though 80,000 gave up in disgust.
  • Boxing Day at Melbourne saw the end of Ricky Ponting's career. Australians will never forgive him for this humiliation. What a sad end to an excellent career.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the MSM get around to copying this summary.

(Edges don't come any thicker than that!)

pdm said...

A good summary Adolf.

I haven't seen any of the Australian dismissals but it must have been pretty dire.

KG said...

I gave up watching after a couple of was just too painful.The only bright spot was that Ponting finally gave the young spin bowler a run and he bothered the batsmen more than any of the quicks had.

lex Masterley said...

Well said.
How the mighty have fallen.
Oh dear how sad, never mind.
The only draw back is the poms get all uppity about retaining the ashes.

Anonymous said...

"An hour and a half from stumps, the stands were nearly empty"

The same thing happened during the first test at the Gabba causing one of the Barmy Army to inquire if it was fancy dress day? as all the Aussie supporters had turned up dressed as empty seats!