Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tell Them What They Want To Hear

Thanks to Wikileaks, people overseas are only just waking up to what an appalling regime it was under which we suffered for nine long years.

NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark told Australia's ABC radio July 8 "I must say that I personally have met George Bush a number of times and consider the personal relationship between us to be very good." Making a direct link between those meetings and NZ's anti-nuclear stance, PM Clark added that she was "optimistic that over time what happened over 20 years ago will be of less and less relevance to these relationships."

Snuggle snuggle, cuddle cuddle
And here is bandy legged Kindalooza meeting svelte Condoleezza

Yet all the while, The Bilious Bitch was sucking up to the US and Australia she and her mates were telling NZ's voters what a pack of pricks they were. Clark Goff and Mallard were all complicit - dirty little dealers in double talk.

The Charge told Goff that the Embassy would have appreciated a head’s up that Mallard would be making these remarks. Goff said that as was well known, Goff has very favorable feelings towards the United States…But, he went on, the Government believes that these issues do resonate with the New Zealand public and it would therefore be foolish not to pursue them.

There will be more campaigning on issues related to U.S. policy in the weeks ahead, he cautioned. The Charge said…if further false claims were made the Embassy would respond. Goff…endorsed the idea of our making a press statement refuting Mallard’s claims.........

..........In addition, we understand that our MFAT contacts have been counseling the
Government that there will be long-term impact on our bilateral relations if Labour continues its baseless diatribes and hints that a close relationship with the United States is in general not in New Zealand's interests.

So there you have it. Improved relations with the US were deliberately sacrificed for the sake of the few votes they needed to just scrape over the line in 2005.

But where was Goff? Oh, he was off developing bilateral relationships with REALLY important people.


CB said...

The leak I love is about Cuba banning Sicko.

Michael Moore has now come out saying the Wikileak is a lie, a lie!!!

This is the same lefty git who gave $20K to Assange to bail him out.

He must be regretting that purchase!

Simon said...

A high-level US diplomat in Wellington dismissed a proposed CIA honey-trap operation - an attempt to change NZ's anti-nuclear stance - with the words: "We consider it very unlikely that the charms of George Clooney or Brad Pitt will prove effective on Helen Clarke."

Anonymous said...

isiq"We consider it very unlikely that the charms of George Clooney or Brad Pitt will prove effective on Helen Clarke."


And now at wikileaks we can read how John Key is secretly sucking up to the US administration, begging for a visit to Washington. What a tryhard. A whining embarrassment.

I know you hate Helen Clark but at least she has balls. Unlike our wuss of a prime minister...


Psycho Milt said...

"We consider it very unlikely that the charms of George Clooney or Brad Pitt will prove effective on Helen Clarke."

Really? I'm pretty sure that, unlike you, high-level US diplomats would be able to spell Clark's name.

Speaking of "appalling regimes," Cable reveals Key desperate for White House visit:

"He recounted the conversations at APEC which led him to believe he had a firm invitation from POTUS [the President of the United States] for a separate bilateral visit in the first half of 2010," the cable states.

"Key said the exchanges resulted in him briefing the press in a certain way about the 'invitation', which he said he would not have done if he had thought the offer were actually more casual and indefinite. Expectations in New Zealand were set, Key said, and the matter potentially could turn into a political embarrassment for him. Key noted that his June schedule was 'still empty'."

But the phone never rang. Yeah, I bet JK was hoping that cable remained secret.

Anonymous said...

Trust Psycho Milt to bring a measure of sanity and truth to Adolfs never ending hate fest. Ian


Why would anyone want to see the lame duck leftist in the White House?
Even Wills and Kate have more sense.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that we have a pack of self serving egotistical losers in charge of almost everything and they crawl up the arses of other egotistical losers but you still argue about one loser being better than the other. Its going tits up boys and left or right won't matter. You are all just so much fluff to be used as suits them.

The more leaks the better so we can really see who we shouldn't vote for.

When the US phone rings its always a collect call nowadays.

Kurt said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Arafat invited Phil Goff to his bedroom. That holding hands from that photo suggested that the 2 must have got feelings for each other.