Sunday, December 19, 2010

Someone Please Call The Herald

The Auckland Tabloid has taken to publishing anti-National Party propaganda derived from the ever unreliable Horizon Poll which is taken from a bank of online individuals rather than random samples of voters by phone. Today's shock horror headline was all about the voters turning against National. (I see that piece has been taken down from the Herald website since TVNZ published its poll tonight. Now I see that's because it actually was and is on the SST website. Thanks B Hudson.)

From memory it had National down substantially with Labour up and 40% of National voters unhappy with John Key's handling of the Panzy Wong business.

Funny that.

Nobody seems to have told the people who were polled at the same time by Colmar Brunton.

Watch The Herald's circulation take another dive over coming months as it follows assiduously the tried and true strategies of the egregiously partisan New York Times.

As an aside, from this poll it looks as though voters have made up their minds who killed the twenty nine miners. The Greens have shed more than a third of their vote and are out on their shabby arses.


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pdm said...

Ooops - looks like you stuttered Adolf.

CB said...

Herald still Nat bashing:

I think the media want a closer run election next year as landslides are boring for them.

Of all the abuse thrown about in the house, of 5 examples, they list all 5 from National MPs.

No examples of the mocking of Pansy's accent. Chocolate covered bananan anyone!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the Standard is complaining that the Herald is biased against Labour:

Just shows the "quality" of their journalism?

Inventory2 said...

The Horizon poll is the same one that had He Who Shall Not Be Mentioned By Name as king-maker. Says it all really ...

The Gantt Guy said...

The Herald (website) is the main reason I've been banned by SWMBO from the MSM (she doesn't like it when I shout and swear at the computer screen - it upsets mini-SWMBO). The sooner this socialist propaganda-rag goes out of business, the better.

Anonymous said...

I've cancelled my SST sub on the strength of that 'Horizon' bollocks, and I'll cancel my Herald one if they keep that up that sort of unscientific wallydom. That'll show 'em!

Anonymous said...

Really, when a major abuse of public money is evident by minister Pansy Wong, but before such criminal activity is investigated properly John Key covers it up.

So can you not understand why the public do not adore Key as you do? Corruption stinks and he is complicit in its coverup.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon bloody fool.

Can't you read?

It's only the artificially chosen 'horizon poll' public who have any issues. The real deal Colmar Brunton public think he's just the duck's nuts. They also think Goff couldn't run a shithouse at a sewerage farm.

Come to think of it, he can't. Labour really is a sewerage farm and the shadow cabinet really is a shithouse.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Herald. Damned by the left and damned by the right. Whatever, it is a complete arsehole of a paper and has been since forever. The Herald is Auckland. Stodgy and unimaginative. Ian

Anonymous said...

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