Sunday, December 5, 2010


Looking into my political crystal ball for 2011 and the following picture emerges ......

National will win the election with an increased number of seats sufficient to govern in its own right but will decide against going alone. There will be some surprises in the National Party List. John Key will assume the mantle of 'King Dick Seddon'. National will win BECAUSE of him.

Labour will loose seats and Phil Goff will do a Helen Clark on election night and step down.

The Greens will gain seats at the expense of Labour.

All bets are off in Epsom. The continuing feud in ACT between their Pragmatist Wing (Hide) and their Ideologue Wing (Douglas) coupled with increasing attacks on National will turn off many voters. National may decide they are not worth the effort and go all out for Epsom. Redbaiter will continue to drive people away from voting ACT in droves.

Ohariru voters will continue to demonstrate they have no political sense while the electorate remains bereft of a decent men's hairdresser.

The Maori Party may well pick up an additional seat but if they are offered and accept a role within government John Harawira will quit and sit as an Independent.

Winston First will get 4.9998% of the Party Vote thereby proving to his supporters that the 'great conspiracy' does exist directed by the Jews or Chinese or .... (you insert).

In the referendum the electorate will demonstrate its lack of political maturity and vote to retain MMP.

Richie McCaw will get a Knighthood.

You heard it first.


Anonymous said...

You should lay off the sauce so early in the morning!

Tinman said...

I take issue with only one comment;

"Redbaiter will continue to drive people away from voting ACT in droves."

Act voters see Redbaiter as he is - a joke communist non-entity.

To suggest this pathetic, comical nothing could affect any voter is pure fantasy.

Anon could be right.

Were you posting drunk?

CB said...


ACT should lay off attacking National and make more comment about what a Greens/Labour coalition would be like.

Attacking the Nats would send more people to Labour that it would to Act.

The Veteran said...

Ok ... confession time. Had my last game of golf at the 90 Mile Beach links yesterday at their Christmas Cheer tournament prior to our move to Paihia in 12 days and inbibed well and freely ... but not so well as to murky my thinking looking at the crystal ball.

BTW .... 40 stablefords and you just managed to get a prize. Some liar managed 48 nett 60.

Anonymous said...

Labour will win in 2010, too many bludgers will want increases in benefits. I will vote Green so we ensure we stuff the country up for good. Peters, may well get 5%.

The Veteran said...

Anon 10.31 ... and others questioned whether I had a drinking problem!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vet - I will vote Green only if it looks like Labour will win. Strategic voting.

Anonymous said...


The Mayor of Grey?

The Mayor of Christchurch?

The Mayor of Invercargill?

Anonymous said...

Labour will loose seats...


Ohariru voters...

You can't spell and don't even know the electorates. National must be in great hands with people like you running it.

Judge Ford.

Anonymous said...

John Key has too much power as it is, and is full ot it...! I hope Winston First is Kingmaker, that he chooses Goff, that Key is suddenly just a multi-millionaire again (what drug is Paul Holmes on?), and that MMP is not retained.

Smile and Wave has to go, he is just so bland. Labour will regain seats, Act will retain Epsom, there may be a crisis for Naitonal next year, a Corngate, etc...

Anonymous said...

MMP will be retained merely because of the PC climate that has been so richly and carefully cultivated in NZ for the last twenty years or so. Joe Average is politically naieve, and the media will run the agenda...MMP will stay, and NZ will continue on its down-hill slide.

The Veteran said...

Judge Ford ... fair cop .. lose and Ohariu ... too much faith in that bloody spell checker.

Anon 3.07 ... So you are rooting for Winston First. Bugger the $157,000 he stole from us; bugger the fact he is a proven liar; bugger the fact that he is the ultimate political prostitute and demigogue.

About the only thing you got right is that if perchance he makes it back into Parliament he will go with Labour because we don't want a bar of him. He is toxic.

But I have faith that 95.008% of voters have much more sense than you.

Anonymous said...

Vet, surely your "predictions" that National will govern alone and all bets are off in Epsom are said in jest?

If you want John Key to be a one term prime minister, I hope they are!


Anonymous said...

Most of the NZ public are too busy trying to keep their heads above water to be concerned at which methods which politicians are using to screw them.

Another sector just wants the status quo and their WFF etc and interest free loans to keep rolling.

Unless a genuine leader with some core principles turns up,the status quo will continue. Along with the country's voyage to mediocrity and lower.


Anonymous said...

George gets my vote, he hit the nail on the head. We haven't had a leader with vision and guts for years, just yes men, yes women, same old rubbish.

Anonymous said...

"Unless a genuine leader with some core principles turns up"

I believe Jesus is coming back back don't expect it will be 2010. I guess the status quo goes on then? Keep digging chaps.

Redbaiter said...

"Redbaiter will continue to drive people away from voting ACT in droves."

What the hell is so wrong in your head that you think I am an ACT supporter??? Jezzzuzzz..!!

You must have such a narrow idea of the political spectrum you should just keep your mouth shut on political matters. Even better, you should get the hell out of the National Party. If you're typical of their political perceptions, its no damn wonder they don't have a clue what they stand for.

KG said...

"Redbaiter will continue to drive people away from voting ACT in droves."
And there, in a nutshell, you demonstrate your utter inability to grasp what Redbaiter has been saying.
if that's "political analysis" Veteran, I suggest you stick to cleaning out the grease trap--something much more suited to your intellect.
What's with the gratuitous digs at Redbaiter? Are you so afraid of him?

SaidrightFred said...

Redbaiter is a complete and utter irrelevance in the political scene, only about 5 or so people over at the heavily censored Crusader Rabid give a toss what he thinks and most of those are probably just split personalities of his anyway.... The rest of us just ignore him or have a wee chuckle at the unloveable wee delusional troll.

dad4justice said...

Go phuck fred said the lefty troll. Get a grip.

The Gantt Guy said...

D4J I've learned there are as many trolls here as on Farrar's farm. I've learned in the past couple of weeks it's best to ignore them. They add nothing to the discussion, and are bereft of anything other than liarbore and union slogans making it impossible to have a conversation with them.

Mawnn said...

I agree with Gant, ever since Red and co were banned from Kiwiblog for trolling they have started trolling here. Not sure why, given Redbaiter has sworn never to post here again in the past but keeps coming back, guess that goes to show how much you can trust his word.

WAKE UP said...

Winston will get a bigger vote than anyone anticipates. You heard THAT here first.

But I'm not saying why. Yet.

WAKE UP said...

ps - yep, it's all about RedBaiter, Veteran. Sheesh.

Heine said...

How on earth is Red an ACT supporter? If anything confused Nats would think he is one of them - considering they seem to change their beliefs more than they change socks.

Epsom is fine for ACT and I hope the Greens get more power at the expense of Labour. Goff is toast nonetheless.

Attacking National always wonders for ACT. We expose the absolutely absurd from the Nats and ride it all the way to the election. You need us to keep you in check.