Monday, December 13, 2010

Lyen Brown

So after all the bullshit of the Auckland City mayoral race, where we were promised "keeping rates down" it now appears that really just meant "down to a 4.9% increase". Three times the inflation rate and using the retailers trick of just keeping it under 5% to make it sound better.

When will it dawn on our politicians that we have had enough?

Where is the leadership and the savings? Because this looks like business as usual to me. Tax, borrow and spend.

All I see is Brown lining up his mates for cushy jobs, raising money for pet projects and trying to push the blame on past decisions - of which he was also a major player.

I will be very interested in hearing Rodney Hide's take on this. But I guess we will have to wait until after the summer holidays.


Anonymous said...

He was interviewed on national radio this morning. Not having heard him before I had no idea how flimsy he is. God help Auckland.

Anonymous said...

Brown is working hard on his legacy and for his knighthood...I guess, for a socialist, when it comes to a toss up between increasing rates and cutting spending it's a no brainer.