Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's What You Spend That Sends You Broke

Today's economic figures released by Blenglish will at last bring home to New Zealanders the raw truth that they can't keep on spending that which they don't have.

While the idiots at The Standard bleat on about tax cuts for the rich being the cause of it all (presumably because they think you can raise an extra billion or three by taxing out of existance the top five percent of the country's earners) the truth is New Zealanders are being carefully conditioned to accept the politically charged inevitable. The rolling back of Helen Clark's outrageously irresponsible election bribes of 2005 and 2008.

Adolf looks forward to the day when;
  • no longer will a family with a household salary income of $35,000 be able to draw down $911 per week in welfare disguised as 'tax credits.'
  • no longer will the children of well off New Zealanders be able to borrow money and pay no interest.
  • no longer will New Zealanders pay for myriads of government 'commissions' which write meaningless reports for other meaningless people to read.
  • no longer will New Zealanders pay life time loafers to sit on their fat, mainly black arses, breeding generations of kids whose one aim in life is to sit on their own fat arses while someone else feeds them.
Have a look at the fate of New Zealand's rich listers of just ten years ago. Most of them were property developers or finance company directors. Most of them are bankrupt or about to be bankrupt.

Why, because they were addicted to spending.

It is time for John Key and Blenglish to blow the whistle on government spending. Preparations have been underway for some time. The report of the working group on welfare should be accelerated and a list of SOEs to be made the subject of a partial minority float should be put out for public discussion.

Let's face it, even Hillary Calvert's ping pong ball receptacle came out the other day in support of partial floats for SOEs.


Roger said...

I think I missed something here

"... even Hillary Calvert's ping pong ball receptacle came out the other day in support of partial floats for SOEs...."

I got the silent T - but what's Hillary's own one got to do with it.

Do tell


Anonymous said...

Does all this red ink mean no more genealogy trips for chinese mps or man love man trips by chris carter types to beautiful sites for conferances on nothing subjects
NOPE HONE KEYS rule and troughing will continueonly they will hide it.Um its summer,skiing in Canada,or Bali is nice is there ANY conferances going, anywhere????

Heine said...

A fine post indeed Adolf, you won't find me disagreeing with a single word of it.

I will add that not only spending but borrowing is also causing much of this stress on our economy. I blame Clark for forcing Key to borrow but this really has to end.

mawm said...

I agree with you Adolf, but the question is will they cut government spending? Not just the little bits around Health and Education, etc. but meaningful slashing of wasteful spending on welfare, unneeded Ministries and Government Departments and maintaining an apartheid state.

Anonymous said...

and giving money away overseas.