Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is there any need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River tragedy?..

I personally believe there most certainly is, but the quote below from one of the left's sages has made me realise that there are some in this country who have already had access to all the facts, who have heard all the evidence from all the partys involved, who must have snuck into the mine and examined its contents, and who have then analysed everything and come up with the end result:

"That’s not ironic – that was most definitely purposeful so that companies can cut costs even more and, yes, the deaths at Pike River are most definitely the result of inadequate procedures used in the mine for which the company is responsible."
There you have it folks, courtesy of Draco T Bastard.

Now while there is a strong possibility that Mr. Bastard's statement could be nothing more than the petulant mewling of a precocious twelve year old with an over developed sense of so called social justice, the left blogs are spinning towards culpability resting with Pike River management. Ceck'em out for yourselves if you have the stomach for it.
Another example of this are the posts on KB from Mao's man in NZ, one Zhumao. This guy must also be party to Mr. Bastard' findings as he has no problems pointing the bone of responsibility at Peter Whittal the CEO:

"Whittall is a consumate actor ala ‘I’m gonna get my boys out of that mine’ , in Hollywoodspeak. He is the villain of the piece, and should tender his resignation soon. "


"Superintendent Knowles yes. Whitall absolutely fucking now. Whittall should most likely be awarded a set of prison overalls."

Tried and sentenced. Just like that. Remembering, of course that the Chicoms were never big on people being innocent until proven guilty.

Anyone else think that Justice Panckhurst and co surely have New Zealands most difficult job on their hands?


Anonymous said...

Our chink friend(zhamao) has been ranting all day,over on farrars blog,He says hes bright ,just had a bonus,he knows everthing including what happened(NOT).He has the ability to use english four letter swear words a lot and just to me sounds like a chinese immigrant(or not) with a few strong drinks under his belt and someone who was turned down at some stage by Whittall for some reason.Chinese piss and wind

Keeping Stock said...

The armchair experts have been in fine form. I can remember a proverb from my days of learning Latin - festina lente - hasten slowly.

The Royal Commission has been established and the first appointment to it has been made. Let's just let the Commission call the witnesses, hear the evidence and ultimately make findings on whether or not there is culpability. It may be a lengthy process, but if that is what is required to establish the facts, so be it.

alex Masterley said...

It will be long and will be hard work contrary to what the armchair experts say.

Anonymous said...

Mindless. Heartless. Utterly vile. The know-it-all filth which inhabits the left! n


Doug said...

Never fear the News Media are fixing all the problems the Sunday program will fix everything, the Royal Commission will have nothing to do.

Redbaiter said...

Those defending the rights of the mine management to a fair hearing are correct enough. However, they could always, in order to balance the claims of those already blaming the management, offer a speculative chain of events that excludes the management from culpability. Is it possible?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to know what went wrong as that knowledge may add to the pool that prevents such an event again. How we get there doesn't matter as long as the science is sound and truth is told.

Two things for sure -

If it turns out private entrprise stuffed up there will be accountability and penalties at a personal level.

If it turns out the Govt in the form of a department or an authority of some sort stuffed up there will be excuses, systemic failures and no accountability or penalties at a personal level.

Anonymous said...

Anon (2:21pm) is correct.

How many heads rolled over the Cave creek disaster??.

Being the State means having a licence to kill it seems.


Johnboy said...

Show plopper humble respect to esteemed oriental Zhumao barbarians.

He was chief inspector of mine safety in Glorious Peoples Republic before emigrating to NZ to educate us all ploperly.