Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goff's Grubby Little Rort

My God, somebody had better tell Trevor Mallard about this.

Just when you think Labour has excelled itself in stupidity and incompetence, along comes Phil Goff with a double dip. Not just a double dip, but one he promised to fix long ago.

Pay the money back, Filk. Pay the bloody money back.

Oh how I wish this had come out for all to see two days ago so that Bill English could have given a slightly more spicy answer to Trevor Mallard's question about housing allowances.

Adolf is wondering whether Cunliffe has quietly helped this one along.


Goff loses glasses, mistakes Cunliffe for Key


PM of NZ said...

Is it Xmas already?

You couldn't ask for a better present.

Psycho Milt said...

If he keeps this up, he'll be getting into Bill English territory!

Simon said...

Phil Goof - the gift that keeps on giving.

The Veteran said...

No Phil... BE was sprung and took the hit and paid the money back.

Goof took the money and took the money and kept on taking the money despite saying he was going to sort it out.

Just how many ways can you spell H******t?

BBQ at Cunner's place tonight or tomorrow night or .... are we allowed to pray for rain?

Doug said...

I wonder if the writers at the Standard will bang on about this for the next year?

Anonymous said...

What are you on about? Was this on the news? Have I missed something?

Anonymous said...


sloppy? that's the best they can do!!

The Veteran said...

and it gets worse with the revelation that a Goff staffer is acting as his letting agent.

So Goff is double rorting the system having a taxpayer funded staffer carrying out private work for him ... shades of Taiko Philip Field methinks.

And the best thing that Goff can come with is that it's a National Party 'sting' operation.

No sting Mr Goff. You've been caught out telling porkies and pocketing the dosh.

So I say to you like I say to Peters. Pay the f*****g money back.

Inventory2 said...

Phil Goff is a latter day version of a Hollow Man ...

But I wonder how many of his colleagues have similar arragements.

Anonymous said...

The Veteran - When Psycho Milt said "If he keeps this up, he'll be getting into Bill Engish territory!", I think he meant in terms of low polling and getting rolled as Party leader.


But surely, it is better for the Nats that Gaffe stays?
He will deliver an enhanced Nat majority and he is providing much fun too.

The Veteran said...

Anon 10.42 ... a low blow and I hope not because for National and next to Key and Collins and Ryall and xxx and xxx and xxx, Goff is the best thing going for them.

Anonymous said...

This shows he is dumb. Did he think no-one would bother to check his statements of intent matched eventual actions? This was so easily avoidable by being honest but honesty is something politics rapidly erodes.