Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Get a real job Mallard.

Dear Trevor
Just a quick note to ask you why you, and the rest of your ilk, feel you have to make shit up in order to be heard?

You latest post at Red Alert, entitled "Save ACC" is by far and away, and without a shadow of a doubt, as big of a piece of horse shit as you've ever written.
We both know that ACC is not in any danger of being sold off or closed, so why would you invite your readers to "be kept up to date on the campaign to stop the ACC sell off"?
I'd bet a lazy $20.00 that even the uber sychophant spud knows this isnt true, but doesn't want to banned for life for saying so.
So Trevor, as you're obviously not very bright, then let me help you. Allowing people to make choices about work place insurance is not selling off ACC, but you already knew that didnt you.
So what does that make you Trevor?

PS How sad it is that the hard earned taxes of so many kiwis is used to support you while you indulge yourself producing such works of fiction. Sad little man.


pdm said...

Nice one Grant.

ctually it is a shame you can't put it up at ed Alert - but that would surely cop a ban as you say.

Intolerent Trev I call him.

Deepak said...

Trevor Mallard is unemployable. He has no qualifications (except being a kindergarden teacher which is fuck all) or work experience. He is in parliament for the purpose of doing us over, with endless legislation.

I suggest that our politicians should have time-limit in their terms in parliament so that scum like Mallards can get a real job after him terms in parliament. Scums like Mallards like to think that being in parliament is their right.

Get a fucking real job, Mallard.

showmethetaxcut said...

Grant, it is very simple. To allow ACC to be undermind by competition is to reduce the welfare state and thereby undermind the socialist political cause and agenda.

Got it now?

Good boy.

Of course you will never hear the socialists admit though. They like to talk of privatisation blah blah blah. Whatever.