Tuesday, December 28, 2010


From 1970 t0 1976 Adolf drove some ninety thousand MILES each year, in Western Australia.
Come annual leave time, on Christmas eve, the car keys were thrown onto the sideboard and there they stayed until around February 1st.

I've never got out of the habit and therefore I have no sympathy for these brainless idiots, whinging and moaning about traffic jams.

What the hell do they expect? Maybe they could try getting out of bed a bit earlier - say 0400.

However, there is always a silver lining.

Auckland is a great place to live, once all the dozy pricks who live here go somewhere else with their thousand decibel boom boxes to tailgate, overtake on bends, cut off the other bloke, honk their fucking horns, run red lights and give everyone else the finger.


PM of NZ said...

They bring it on themselves Adolf. Never a thought about route planning for things like traffic.

Took the dragon-in-law out for a Sunday drive and spot of post Xmas lunch yesterday. Gotta keep those brownie points up.

At least the continuous stream of lemmings heading north from Welllytown to Taupo via Sanson/Ohakea/Bulls on SH1 were moving relatively freely. When we came back mid arvo Marton-Fielding and again crossed SH1, the stream to Taupo was still evident. Poor souls going on summer hols with all their mates.

The buggers cannot complain if they all decide to fit on our crap roads at the same time.

At least those from Jafaland will vote for new roads!

The Gantt Guy said...

But they don't PM. They proved a couple of months ago that they don't *want* new roads. What they want is for all of the other lemmings on the road to get the fuck out of their cars and go ride the train. It's the only possible explanation for the lemmings of jafaland choosing a conman and fraudster as their mayor.

Lou Taylor said...

In a real country we would have got stuck in and built proper roads throughout the country, rather than piss billions of dollars down the social welfare urinal. We don't have enough income to do both.

PM of NZ said...

"What they want is for all of the other lemmings on the road to get the fuck out of their cars and go ride the train"

GG, I suppose that really is why each Jafa lemming purchased a toll ticket. Only to find the the 'Holiday Highway' was really a fast track highway to hell.

Unfortunately Len hasn't promised the parallel 'Holiday Train' to date. Yet.

And in a couple of weeks, they'll do it all over again in reverse, ready for peak hour traffic and work the following day.

The Gantt Guy said...

Yup. To both Lou and PM. Now, where's my dictionary? I need to look up the definition of "insanity" again. Something about doing the same thing over and over...

gravedodger said...

Now this old bugger left from just outside ChCh at 05 00 on the 24th after setting up on the evening of the 23rd and drove south to a POP (park over property under the control of the NZMCA) on the Nth Bank of the Rangatata to renew the annual challenge with the Salmon.
Sitting here with a milk truck and trailer tanker every 2 or three minutes and the lemmings heading for the southern lakes on SH 1 it makes for compelling viewing. We are just far enough from the road to watch and not hear. Today it is raining persistantly having started with gentle rain just after dark last night and that has postponed what seemed like a clearing of the river following very heavy rain in the alps for several days at and prior to Xmas.
The plan is to head back to Nth Canty on about the 30th and hole up somewhere quiet for New Year then head for a Salmon river again.
Adolph you nail it, a bit of forethought, good timing (ie early start) and good route selection makes travel at busy times a breeze.

Anonymous said...

You fucking outlanders think you have all the answers. I drove through the tunnel yesterday morning at about 10 am and it was free flowing. Fuck knows when the Herald turned up to take that pic they published, was it from last year?

Why is a two and a half lane wide tunnel only configured for one lane? That's the far more pertinent fucking question.


Libertyscott said...

People elsewhere in the world change trip times and routes when they know there is congestion like this. In fact if NZTA supplied information more cleverly to motorists this could be ameliorated.

This road is rarely congested at most other times, there is hardly a need to expand this just for this. However, the route north of here to Wellsford should be upgraded over time, although it could be left to the private sector if done smartly.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Someone suggested 90,000 km per year is a hell of a lot of time behind the wheel. This long before the days of mobile phones so the time largely was wasted.
It was actually around thirty hours per week which accounted for the fact that many days started at 0500 or finished at 2100. It was not at all unusual to drive for four hours before the first appointment of the day.

Anonymous said...

The silly season is my favourite time of year in Auckland. The streets are all but deserted and one can holiday and enjoy one of the world's most beautiful cities without the traffic and crowds. The only downside is that half the restaurants are closed.

Barnsley Bill said...

We left Auck in the range rover @ 06.30 on the 26th and were at the manor by 09.45. The extra 20 minutes was due to various weaklings needing pit stops.
The only holiday congestion I have seen was due to the rain yesterday which brought hundreds of refugees in from the camp sites to Keri. I had to stare at one Particularly revolting twat for three minutes yesterday until he got the message and vacated my table at the cafe.