Friday, December 31, 2010

Final wrap for 2010

Here's a good laugh for the end of year.

This woman actually believes that Helen Clark, by sitting on her arse in a New York skyscraper and spending other people's money, is going to solve poverty in the world.

Anyway what will 2011 bring.
1. More of the same. Labour or Labourlite will win the election. John Key's optimisim may not rub off on as many people this time around. Goff will just be rubbed off.
2. The Maori Party will continue to ensure that we remain the most bi-multicultural country in the world.
3. The Greens will finally see a drop in support as their bullshit starts to wear thin.
4. ACT will have to do a serious reinvention of their brand.
5. Peters will come close but thankfully not close enough. ( can we please have our money back)
6. The media will ensure that our chance to get rid of MMP is pissed against the wall of ignorance.
7. Another pleasant location for the next round of climate summit/saving the world will be found.
8. Helen Clark will be paid another wad of tax free cash and there will be even more poor people in the world.
9. We will win the RWC, everyone will party and forget about the $20 billion deficit for another night.

Anyway that's all for next year.
Happy New Year's Eve 2010 everyone.

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