Thursday, December 16, 2010

Et tu Julia?

Wikileaks is a continuing source of amusement to conservatives and an acute embarrassment to the Ammerikaanner hating leftists.

Hot on the heals of revelations that Helen Clark aided and abetted Ammerikaaner electronic spying comes the news that Uber commo Australian PM Julia Gillard's speechwriter is a secret agent for the CIA, or something. Her bloody speech writer, no less. The bloke who puts the words up on her teleprompter.

Then of course there is ALP power broker Mark Arbib who also looked upon with great favour by the Yanks.

Good God, before we know it we'll find that secretly Keith Locke has been passing DNA samples of all his peacenik mates to the CIA.

Let's have more leaks, I say. More wonderful leaks please.

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